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I dreamt that I was at my boyfriend's house and suddenly someone opened the door so I was running to escape through the house because of his real boyfriend was coming, at the end I realised that I was only the lover, and his real boyfriend wanted to catch me up to fight and we fought with each other, but then we realised that "our boyfriend" was playing with us and we made a team against "our unfaithful boyfriend", and I woke up. Super weird and sad... It's at 3 am.

I am trying a new style. Something more hipster, more urban.

I'm tired of being the good guy. Since now I'll be THE BITCH.


2 week of boyfriends and he's asking me for marriage... WTF!!

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NASA astronaut Jessica Meir and two fellow crew members arrived Wednesday for their mission aboard the International Space Station, temporarily increasing the orbiting laboratory’s population to nine people. nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-as

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"Accepting Alexa into your home means believing that Amazon isn’t somehow taking advantage of the data you’re giving it. In short, you have to trust them"

How can we trust voice assitants after all the scandals that have been going on?


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Four months after the launch of the Privacy Project, The New York Times takes stock of what has emerged.

Continue this excellent work of raising awareness about the importance of protecting your privacy.

Congratulations to the entire
team for this tremendous work of awareness 👏👏👏


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Whoops accidentally sent my sex work resume to CNN

In the school my teacher told us that is needed to show part of our lives in internet because some recruiters are looking for evidence of how is your life and if they don't find anything they reject you because you could hide somethings.

Duuuh! It's called privacy.
IDK, internet is becoming a big issue for privacy people.

You have to show everything of you want to look like a normal descent guy but if you concern your privacy then you are a bad guy and you are surely in the dark net.

I don't like to post photos of myself due to privacy but actually people think that I'm hiding something or in other cases people even think that I am bot.

What should I do?
Upload photos of me?

I want to create blog to write my experiences and thoughts but then I remember that no-one will read me so I keep writing in my daily.

Alanis Morissette's songs must be the Canadian anthem for sure.

It's summer fault. I'm in a mood of having a relationship but IDK, relationships are actually underrated, there's no point of being into one if people is unfaithful.

My prepaid plan is expired. I have a way to get in touch with the world, they cannot even call me or message me because the company blocks everything, fortunately it exists Telegram or WhatsApp.

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