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Immigration. Legal immigration.
Keyword: LEGAL.

Microsoft is preparing a new version of :windows: Windows. Windows 1.0, I don’t know what it means but, I can’t wait 😊.

Fortunately, I don’t use whatsapp as my main messaging app. Telegram and Signal are my must.

Saturday..., maybe it is another chance to mug myself again, I’m sure I’ll fuck things up in the same way.


No matter what life can teach me, I’m sure I’ll never learn.

Presidential candidates are literally playing with society needs and hopes. They are actually saying that they are going to cure the population of those incurable diseases like cancer or HIV.
Politic is a devil, they play with people just for their support.

Frankly, I think that actually there's a cure to them, but pharmaceutical companies don't want us to know that because they just want our money 💷.

There’s anything wrong with immigration, legal immigration. It isn’t racist to regulate immigration.
Actually, the problem isn’t migration but, illegality.

I’m pro LEGAL immigration, we are living in a country with rules and laws and they must be respected by everyone, even migrants.

Also, we have to know that unemployed people are not refugees.

Unemployed people and refugees are two whole different things, don’t mix them.

In the 80s having long hair was considered as a communist symbol. Why? Just because people used to be scared of differences.

Nowadays, if you are supporting leftists, you literally are communist to society.

When people is starting to think out of the box is considered as a communist red light.

Look, I’m not supporting communism.
It’s well known that sometimes society wants to control the population with FEAR.

The LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 community members don’t want to be label 🏷 by their sexuality, because they say their sexuality is non-important in this world, the important thing is that they’re professionals and well-intentioned men and women in this world, but wherever the LGBT community goes, the member say that their sexuality is the only thing that matters.
“Move I’m gay”... I’m better than you, just because I’m gay, I’m privileged.

Our society is twisting things.

Okay, okay we do know you’re gay, so?
Do you want privileges or what?
Nobody is congratulated for their sexuality, I have never met someone who is congratulated for being heterosexual, so why do you think you will be congratulated for being gay?
Get over it! Being gay is normal.
Even gays think it’s something to celebrate.
There’s anything to celebrate, it’s just a preference.

I like lemonade over soda, let’s celebrate I like lemonades.

I think we need an “auto-delete” toots here because we don’t think in the same way we used to think the last week or month, or year.

An auto deletion option it’d be amazing.

Delete your toots automatically after ..
6 month
2 years

IDK, it’d be amazing.

I must admit that Facebook is so addictive, but like any addiction we can fight it and beat it.
If you think you are not able to handle this addiction, first try disabling your account for days, in that way you’d get noticed that Facebook isn’t indispensable... then deactivate your FB account.

You’ll feel way better living without FB.

Hahaha! Someone told me that the LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 community is a representation of communism, they trying to become us into communist. WTF! Hahaha Look, the LGBT is the most capitalist representation nowadays that even Israel accept that money, pink money.

I remember when people used to say that long hair is communism.

No doubt, people love to game with ignorance people.

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@24TXT It might. But that is any public place in the world. I believe that a place is what we make of it. And it makes us as much as we make it. It takes a keen eye, and a alot of effort. But any place can be good or great, even ok, if the right effort is given. I dont think it's -full- of haters, etc. You could go to Gab for that.

But no, that's not a guarantee. And if you cant find a way for twitter, or anywhere, to be a fun or ok place for you, that's ok too. Not everywhere is for everyone.

Do you have in mind to implement labels 🔖 into our inboxes? It'd be incredibly amazing. It'd help me to organise my emails a lot.

I don’t know what to think about Facebook’s cryptocurrency.

Twitter is not what it used to be once, so if you've got a Twitter account think twice if it is really where you want to share your life.

Twitter is full of haters, bots and fake news.

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