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Hello () - I'm an artist who lives in and around Washington, DC. How did I find Quey/Mastadon? I asked Kate Wagner of McMansion Hell for alternatives to Twitter and she recommended Mastadon. Now I'm here!

I remember seeing this poster in the video store as a kid and being very mystified by the imagery. Who was this weird eye watching a simple dude in overalls mowing the lawn by some country church? None of it made sense!

It's a very early CGI depiction of cyberspace, an very funny idea of what cybersex might look like, Pierce Brosnan is in it before he was James Bond, it was (of all things) based on a Stephen King short story even though it really looks like it should be from William Gibson, and they even made a sequel in which the lawnmower man was basically The Singularity. It was in some ways ahead of its time but also very awkward.

More random thoughts about sci-fi. Whatever happened to that film Lawnmower Man? Does anyone remember it? It feels like it has been lost to pop-culture memory, but I remember it being pretty weird and striking in the 90s - might be overdue for revisiting.

More thoughts on Love Death and Robots: Everyone should watch Zima Blue. It's the best one and the most surprising.

I have issues with some episodes, mostly questions about why there were some many uncanny valley cgi shorts and why there were so many worn-out space cowboy/marine tropes in some of the shorts. But, it's a bunch of shorts, so you know, it happens.

Can we all agree that when we type the names of Silicon Valley companies in word-processors, it's annoying that they auto-capitalize? When I use google as a verb, I don't want it capitalized. Nor do I want powerpoint (in the generic sense of the word) to turn into PowerPoint, the IP of Microsoft Inc. It's a small but insidious thing. [note: Mastodon didn't auto-capitalize, but it did red underline "powerpoint"]

To clarify - people who regularly post video as if they were "youtubers" and not just people who post video in the manner of a professional film/tv/art portfolio.

This albums had aged pretty well.
Feeling a bit old at the fact that this is almost 20 years old.

Follow up question - (from the Love, Robots, Death) - what tropes are you really tired of on sci-fiction stories? I for one am getting tired of human-like robots/aliens/whatever contemplating a post-apocalyptic earth in with humans destroyed themselves, even as this succeeding group of robots/aliens/whatever seem to qualitatively be at risk to the same kind of hubris and arrogance humans had.

"Wow, humans were really dumb, not at all like me," said the judgmental robot. - let's avoid this.

Has anyone else watched any of the Love, Robots, Death anthology? It's a small think but I wish their titles intro wasn't so blatantly modeled after Black Mirror. It's already a contemporary sci-fi anthology, so the viewer is already likely making comparisons between the two shows.

Oh, hey! I just wanted to reintroduce myself. I'm Brian, and I've been on Quey/Mastodon for a little over a month.

Also, keep in mind that before 2001, electronic musicians like Moby mostly traveled with a box of records to play gigs, even when playing internationally. Electronic music was still very analog at times. After 9-11, traveling with records became a big hassle.

Listening to some old Moby from 1999 right now, and remembering that he was revolutionary at the time for doing such things as making whole songs on a laptop while on long airplane flights. I'm not sure it's really possible to explain to someone young in 2019 how novel it was to make music entirely on a computer, a laptop no less, in 1999.

Also, what would be the equivalent? Youtube:youtuber::Vimeo:vimeor ?

I know there are plenty of vloggers ("youtubers") on youtube. Are there anyone on vimeo?

This St. Patrick's Day, the GOP tweeted something racist about the Irish on Twitter. Another reminder of why I have come to places like Mastodon.

My happy place on my computer right now is probably a really old version of Sim City

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