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Hello () - I'm an artist who lives in and around Washington, DC. How did I find Quey/Mastadon? I asked Kate Wagner of McMansion Hell for alternatives to Twitter and she recommended Mastadon. Now I'm here!

Int. Police Station
(The little cute gremlin, wrapped in a small American flag with the the sheriff watching)
Sheriff: "Billy, tell me something, how can a cute little guy like this turn into a thousand monsters?"

So, Gremlins is a Christmas film - or should I say critique of America's economic system??? I've never seen it before, but it's in the background as I'm doing other work. References to domestic vs foreign automobiles, "exotic" Chinese gifts, greed-is-good type characters ("I want your dog!"), must-have Xmas toys, down on their luck small-time townies, Xmas as a TV mediated mass-media experience, the YMCA pool as a dangerous thing, drunk cops, "I told you we should have got a Zenith!"

If only there were apps for gig economy workers to collectivize.

Helicopters fly over (and under) the orbital city of the future. Soviet space art by Andrei Sokolov, printed on a 1982 postcard.

Jumping into the world of chopped and screwed remixes of rock songs on youtube! It's a thing!

Today we learned that Trump was America's biggest loser of personal income circa 1985-1995.

#1yrago Western Illinois coroner will hold your family's ashes hostage for $1,000, won't produce a death certificate without payment

These are words:
Springtime , Summertime, Wintertime

This is not a word:
Falltime, Autumntime

Why, English? Why?

Today I learned about a horse in Frankfurt Germany that goes for morning strolls by itself everyday. It's a free gentlehorse, beloved by the Frankfurters.

Broke: Youtube
Woke: Leftube
Bespoke: Obscure copyright-orphaned media on youtube that you still have dig for.

Wrapping my head around the terms "album-equivalent sales" and "pure sales" . . . PURE. SALES. as opposed to impure sales?

I'm done with french presses with glass parts. I'm at my clumsiest right before I have my morning coffee. Why would I want that thing to be made out of a lot of expensive glass???

Fortunately, there are stainless steel varieties.

If you really want to see cherry blossoms, satellite may be the *worst* way to do it actually. It's all about how the pink of the blossoms mingles with the blue of a the sky as you look up. Lose that pink-blue juxtaposition, and you lose the pink.

Finally saw Get Out. On DVD. There's like 7 or 8 alternate endings on the disc but only one official alternative ending. Does that mean only two ever went to theaters? It's confusing. Also, now I have the phrase "T. S. mother*$#!ing A." stuck in my brain.

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