@BrianKelleySays unfortunately

Hmm, I should add a question mark to my "clouds are forever slide"

@lufthans I mean, some things might as well be forever, but for every Sumerian tablet that survives, how many thousands didn't? I think digital data is going to have the same kinds of failure rates as other storage formats.

@BrianKelleySays I completely agree, especially in regards to a user's access to the cloud-stored data

at the same time, changing the password on your cloud-stored password manager doesn't mean 3rd parties can no longer use the old password

@lufthans Interesting point. I had been mostly thinking about the role of the cloud as a way to store data without much concern about privacy (such as publicly posting music onto Myspace) as opposed to storing data with a concern for privacy.

@BrianKelleySays I speak regularly about privacy and contemplate what can go wrong when you don't control your private data

The MySpace issue is a reminder to have other copies rather than single point of failure ( says the person not yet making backups of Mastodon activity )

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