I remember seeing this poster in the video store as a kid and being very mystified by the imagery. Who was this weird eye watching a simple dude in overalls mowing the lawn by some country church? None of it made sense!

@BrianKelleySays I remember watching it as a kid and was like "....this is the future...."

On adult watch,.... the early part is kind of an interesting Flowers For Algernon story, but once he really gets his powers [gained from the miracle of ~*VR technology*~], things start getting doo-laly.

I can remember the end was the guy, fully digitized, [maybe?] escapes the computer, and becomes... internet god?

@BrianKelleySays I'm also realizing how Lawnmower Man 2 was basically Ready Player One.

@Scofisticated , he becomes a digital god of sorts, yes. It's maybe one of the best examples of what the 1990s thought a singularity event would look like (ie: random guy gets zapped by the internet and becomes a deity). Also, remember the scene where he "lawnmowers" Pierce Brosnan's mind?

@BrianKelleySays oohhh lordy, I forgot about that part.

And the character comes back in the sequel as a off-the-grid guru.

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