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Has anyone else watched any of the Love, Robots, Death anthology? It's a small think but I wish their titles intro wasn't so blatantly modeled after Black Mirror. It's already a contemporary sci-fi anthology, so the viewer is already likely making comparisons between the two shows.

Oh, hey! I just wanted to reintroduce myself. I'm Brian, and I've been on Quey/Mastodon for a little over a month.

Also, keep in mind that before 2001, electronic musicians like Moby mostly traveled with a box of records to play gigs, even when playing internationally. Electronic music was still very analog at times. After 9-11, traveling with records became a big hassle.

Listening to some old Moby from 1999 right now, and remembering that he was revolutionary at the time for doing such things as making whole songs on a laptop while on long airplane flights. I'm not sure it's really possible to explain to someone young in 2019 how novel it was to make music entirely on a computer, a laptop no less, in 1999.

Also, what would be the equivalent? Youtube:youtuber::Vimeo:vimeor ?

I know there are plenty of vloggers ("youtubers") on youtube. Are there anyone on vimeo?

This St. Patrick's Day, the GOP tweeted something racist about the Irish on Twitter. Another reminder of why I have come to places like Mastodon.

My happy place on my computer right now is probably a really old version of Sim City

I've gotten progressively sicker and sicker of social media in general. Please, please, please let Mastodon be a place that does not let me down.

Wait, Mastodon has accounts that are just @ twitter handles? Meaning "You can't interact with it neither follow it?" So, they are on Mastodon, but not really.

A good pairing for dinner - sweet potato slices with savory flavor (beans, onions, pepper) followed by sweet plantain slices (with cinnamon and honey).

In other news, would anyone want to buy a Tascam 4-track recorder from the late 1990s?

Remember, when you're you take boxes of your old stuff out of your parents' house, it almost always brings them joy.

Just an idea - what if we make it a rule that billionaires can own as much residential real estate as they can afford - BUT - they can only purchase land that is 10 feet or less above sea level. The 10 feet level will be set to whatever is 10 feet currently (2019). If and when the sea level rises above 10 feet from the current level, they will not be allowed to purchase any homes at all. Billionaires who are convicted of attempting to buy any higher land will forfeit all other real estate.

A big part of my experience of mastodon is posts from @Stock with sensitivity filters. Each time I click, thinking there will be something scandalous, only to find a very polite photograph of the landscape. Does anyone else ever feel this way?

I'm lighting my office/studio right now with an incandescent flood bulb that was designed for lighting home movies (as in, 8mm film). The bulb is literally 50 years old. It's gloriously bright in here - it's like 375 Watts!

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