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normalize being nonbinary! let people explore their identity without fear of being scolded!

How to become a successful artist on Mastodon - Official Mastodon Blog

I follow many talented artists on Mastodon, and over my 2 years of being on the platform I have noticed some common patterns that may help a newcomer find their audience on here, too.

Hey, did you enjoy that fic on Ao3? Even a little? Then PLEASE leave a kudos. The views-to-kudos ratios are abysmal, and kudos are what make writers want to keep writing (and comments, but I understand those are tougher to give)!

So I finally got a tablet again... and it’s driver doesn’t support SAI.

I have a person who commissioned me like 3 years ago for a $180 piece and they’ve been fantastic (I had a medical emergency back then and then tablet died) but... idk if I can even do their com now. God, I feel awful about it.

The sketch work was done, I’d be happy to refund everything and let them find an artist to finish it if they wanted, but before they just said it’s okay and to take my time... ;;

If you aren't already on, I highly recommend it! It's anti-censorship and not run by ad revenue, instead funded entirely by its users. It takes a bit of time to get a following if you're not super aggressive/posting to tons of groups, but it's been fantastic so far! Check it out!

Hey guys! I'm back from Florida! Gonna go ahead and get back to posting on DreamWidth~ Probably just stuff about OCs until I get some traction again!

Hope everyone's doing well! <3

Going to Florida for a week! Finally getting out of this shitty weather ;A;

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