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So I created a Discord server for an art game! NSFW is welcome, but ofc loli/shota/cub stuff would have to be shared here/through telegram.

It's in alpha right now, but if you're interested-- please give a like, and/or spread the word with a retoot!

#artgame #proship #prokink

I mean... look, I just want to find an instance that won’t ban me outright for just HAVING a baraag (though I’m generally uncomfortable with shota/loli, I am VERY anti-censorship). I want to be able to post my ArtFight stuff, too. I’m just not finding any good general art instances for that combo.

And yes, ALL my NSFW goes on baraag. All of it. I’m not splitting that between instances, either.

Don’t want to, but thinking of moving to cuz... idk, this instance is shitting itself? Also I get like 0 interest in any of my posts/art here :P

ARTFIGHT THREAD! All my attacks will be here! Credits on the images!

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