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Headshot --- 5 USD

Waist-up --- 7 USD

Full-body --- 13 USD

All commissioned pieces will be lines only, no color!

One character per piece.

-Complicated backgrounds
-Extreme gore

-Canon characters

If interested, message me here or email me at!

Transactions will be completed through paypal invoices only!


#mastoart #creativetoots #commissions #sale #pride2019

5real i have so many ocs I just. dont draw. but at least these dumb memes help a LOT when working on expressions and stuff. esp translating them from emojis to, say, furrys/ferals.

its kinda cathartic. also then i have cool icons (if i ever finish them digitally dihfsdhfds) and more stuff for artfight

tfw you do a 39387423 year old emoji art meme bc you want new art of ur OCs that u never draw

Question update: what country is DIASPORA hosted in and what are its terms (struggling to find on main site). Is there a list of "pods" (instances, like masto) somewhere?

I am forever looking for more social media that is both like and not like tungle.

Does anyone know anything about Pluspora? I can't find what country it's based in (which is important for things like "nothing against the law" in TOS), and can't search the site without an account.

What doesn't it allow? What country is it based in? W h a t i s i t?

OC/Canon pairings are valid and honestly, a lot of OCs ends up having even more development and work put into them than some canon characters. They make for really interesting stories.

Time to watch The Twilight Zone and be wowed every single episode like I was when I was a kid

nothing has changed

Also watched "The Curious Creations of Christine McConnel" and, on an entirely different note, "Adam Ruins Everything". Worth a watch!

Just finished "The Kirlian Frequency" on Netflix... please give it a watch. Best ep is the last one, An Old Man and His Dog.

My favorite part of the story about the one girl on tumblr who got a vendetta against me because of loli/shota content, is the fact that she's thirsty for goddamn Frollo from Disney's Hunchback.

I wouldn't even care who she thirsts for if it wasn't so hypocritical on her part. So me drawing shota makes me a child molester (she legit came to my tumblr inbox on anon and asked me how many children I abused yiikes), but her wanting Frollo's dick doesn't make her a racist and rapist, hmmmmmm...

But I've noticed an even more extreme version of this: *anything* is a spoiler if the person hasn't played yet. This has become the position of a few people I've seen on twitter and tumblr. And I have to say...what?

On the one hand, I understand the idea: "if it spoils my enjoyment, then it's a spoiler." But...that's such a puritanical interpretation of the term. When did this happen? When did mild annoyance at having to wait for something become a spoiler?

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