I've been walkin barefeet everyday in Gambia for one month in December and January. It was amazing.

Meet Pirate, my Gambian dog. He has 3 legs and is very friendly! He now lives with Ebrima at Kasumai Beach next tio the Bijilo main road.

After on en month Gambia again back in Zwolle. I miss the place where is less, no luxury and where people love each other more than money.

It's weird to be back, but I already start counting for the date I'll travel to Australia.

Today I will leave my house, my plants and most important my roommate Vue. Tonight will be time to time travel. Leaving the Netherlands for Gambia. Everything I've learned and experienced will be let go to find myself and understand what's really important!

When I'm on my way back everything will be put in order and new priorities will be set.

I gonna miss you Zwolle and Vue.

Don't mind making mistakes. The missteps in your life are the lesson of your future. What is the mistake you learned most of?

How about: communication is the key? We have verbal as non-verbal. Can you understand someone if you listen with your heart?

The birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees and the skyup above...

I think there is a bug or flaw in the script of life. Can someone rewrite it so the infite loop will be a joke in the future?

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