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Frisian language and German are quite similar. Frisian is old German and old English, so we have some shared words.
We also have to follow English, French, German and Dutch classes in High school in The Netherlands. What makes it easier to understand our neighbors! Haha

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Nope. Not gonna do that too. I'm fine this way


Yeah it is! I thought he was sending me a D pic. But it was a fluffy pussy instead 😂😂😂 I almost peed my pants of laughing. So hilarious

Okay. So a guy asked me to come over and have sent me a picture right after. You know I was thinking about...

"what will it be? A banana? A carrot? A..."

If you ever want to know if a word is written with a "D" or "T", ask a dyslexic person how that person would write it. Then use the opposite, then you're always in the right place.

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Tuurlijk kan er wel om lachen! Kakhiel is gewoon flauw. Moet je met een korreltje zout nemen

Blue Mountains, Katoomba, NSW, Australia!

Living here ain't a pleasure, but escaping to the nature is! Mountains, animals, trees, waterfalls and the best feeling of all; wanting to push tourists of the cliffs!

Didn't do it. I'm a pussy.

@snder we will become Shrek if it's getting hotter

@snder dude... Put off your notifications. 😅

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