@Sander@snel.social nothing is too cold

@Sander@snel.social 🐷 🐔 🐮 🐐

@Sander@snel.social yeah, it would be better for the world. If we would know what we are doing to planet earth eating so much animal meat. What kind of consequences it would have

I've been walkin barefeet everyday in Gambia for one month in December and January. It was amazing.

@Sander@snel.social sadly enough cannibalism isn't allowed anymore

Meet Pirate, my Gambian dog. He has 3 legs and is very friendly! He now lives with Ebrima at Kasumai Beach next tio the Bijilo main road.

@noorul@s.noorul.xyz @Sander@snel.social @snder made by me

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