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How about: communication is the key? We have verbal as non-verbal. Can you understand someone if you listen with your heart?

The birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees and the skyup above...

I think there is a bug or flaw in the script of life. Can someone rewrite it so the infite loop will be a joke in the future?

When you don't understand a language just try to understand with your feelings!

Animals will heal your emotional state! Don't kill them, but love them.

What's thge difference? Just eat them both or just don't eat them at all!!

Just let animals be, in their own habitat, free,
I don't want to offend anyone, but be aware,
To be the one and share, the voice of the living food,
We all know what's right, now try to behave good,
The animals cried, you weren't that conscious,
We learn and grow, but also always in a rush,
Stand still and see from another perspective,
Only trying can be effective, fpr a sustainable world

Going vegan for a sustainable world. I challenge you to try it for one week! How do you feel after that?

Ever seen a magic lantern or Clack? Vintage cameras! Welcome in my room.

alanga irregularis from Kununurra, Australia. I think insects need more attention especially this friend from Pinocchio.

In the Netherlands we call the Grasshopper from Disney's Pinocchio Japie Krekel.

@snder and I enjoy evening walkings. We have discussions all the time about details in life like astrofysica, quantum mechanics, psychology, more science and so on.

When we walk in the evening, and this is fun, we start talking about the past. Like we're walking back in time. Every time it's about solutions for today's problems and then it's like we're back in time.


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