Whenever I go to the bathroom at home, Vegas and Tara are always good guard cats :)

For anyone who's into the paranormal, there's a video series I watch called Nuke's Top 5. In this video, he shows clips of people's encounters with shadow people. invidio.us/watch?v=9JIYXsL02SQ

I was watching some videos earlier about 3D printed Legos, which I find interesting, because it has the potential to eventually put them and similar companies out of business. Why buy Legos when you can 3D print them at little to no cost? After watching those videos, its interesting to think about what you build with them.

What is going on with Chicago weather this week?? Sunday was cold and snowy, while today is warm and humid

Now that Ola Bini and Julian Assange are being detained by the Ecuadorian Government, I imagine this will cause the Ecuadorian people to create Ecuadorian Revolution, and overthrow Moreno and his cronies, just like how the Egyptians overthrew Mubarak during the Egyptian Revolution. If anything happens to Assange in the US, American free software activists, human rights activists, and journalism activists will create a second American Revolution.

Our stove broke the other day, so we're having our repairman fix it. As he's coming up the stairs to the kitchen, my cat Vegas runs away and hisses because she's shy and was confoosed. 🐱

So now the Chicago Tribune newspaper is joining in on the Assange mudslinging match. One article claims he did things like harassing Ecuadorian citizens and smeared feces on a wall. I imagine there's no evidence of this, but the Tribune will use it, knowing how the sheeple will believe anything the mainstream media's talking heads will say.

I live in the south side of Chicago (a major city in the US for anyone who lives in another country), and you'd think by April, we'd finally be done with the snow, but no. Mother Nature is on the same drugs as Charlie Sheen.

After finally finishing a drawing of the Titanic (because April 15th will be the 106th anniversary of it's sinking), I realized that it came out looking quite amateurish. While I could continue to practice, I don't have time for that, because I lost my job almost a year and a half ago, and I've been struggling to get somewhere while being self-employed. Because I'm a relatively-quick learner when using a DSLR camera, I've decided to go into photography instead.

I had bought an HP printer from Office Depot about a week and a half ago, however my friend couldn't set it up for me because I have Kali Linux on my computer, and there's no drivers for it. I called the store earlier, asking if I could return it, even though I paid in cash and no longer have the receipt, and they said no.

If anyone wants it, I'm selling it for $50. I just put myself on a wait-list for a P.O. Box, so I'll give details on that later. PLEASE have the check be in U.S. dollars.

With how many people hate dick pics, I was hanes.com, comparing their prices for underpants to how much I paid for mine at Walmart yesterday, and I just realized that men modeling in underpants is the only time where no one complains about dick pics 😆

Because this social network is called Mastodon, I thought it'd be appropriate for me to show this gif of Zack morphing from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

"Its morphin' time!"

I just signed up for my account on Diaspora under the Kingdompod. Its always nice to sign up for new social networks and meet new people.

Every shirt in my closet should say "Achoo! I'm sorry, I'm allergic to your bullshit and stupidity!" When I have the time, I'll actually make that into a shirt and wear it whenever I come across a person's bullshit and stupidity.

I should also make a shirt that says "Pull your head out of your ass! Do you want shit for brains?"

If your child has something important to say to you or ask you, be a full-grown adult and listen open-mindedly. When its your turn to talk, respond calmly and rationally. Both of you will have a respectful conversation and understand each other's point of view, rather than having petty drama. I shouldn't have to give this advice to parents, but the unfortunate relationship I have with my parents is the reason why I'm giving it.

After doing some thinking last night, I want to self-publish two comic books later in life. One would be a fictionalized story about my former friend who gets murdered, becomes a ghost, and fights demons. Because he was homeless, I'd use part of the profits to fund a homelessness charity. The other would be about aliens who'd represent various disabilities people have, and I'd use that as a teaching tool for parents of disabled children, as well as people who work with the disabled.

I never understood why the fediverse uses the term "instances" instead of the term "communities". "Communities" would make more sense because a community is made up of people, and so are social networks.

Maybe its just me not following as many people on here as I should, but does anyone else feel like this site can get real quiet and boring sometimes? Don't get me wrong, this site is way better than other sites I've been on, but when I see anyone hasn't posted a new status for the last few hours, it can get a little lonely on here

Despite not knowing too much about DSLR cameras, the instructor for my photography class walked me through how to use the one that I brought with me, and I learned quite a bit about photography in general.

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