Those DISGRACEFUL whistle blowers are as brooding as a puppy!

Despite what those leakers tell you, Michael J. Fox is as personable as a piece of razor wire, I should know!!

Those DISGUSTING migrant doctors are as alluring as a cold marble statue!

Despite what those Washington insiders tell you, Frida Kahlo is as honest as crack heads, I should know!!

Ketchup bottles are red,
Aristocratic veins are blue,
my FOX Friends are TERRIFIC,
and will fund my 80-foot statue

Those Covfefe-sucking CIA hardliners are as fierce as a mellow thing on Valium!

Despite what those CIA hardliners tell you, Carrie Bradshaw is as fashionable as paedophilia, BELIEVE ME!!

Nuclear launch buttons are red,
NYPD uniforms are blue,
my supporters watch FOXNews,
and think charity is taboo

Those REGRETTABLE Comey people are as dirty as mud in a barnyard!

My Chinese-made ties are red,
tacky hotel lobbies are gold,
my FOX Friends are great guys,
and are true pirates (so bold!)

Despite what those NBC hacks tell you, Vladimir Lenin is as philosophical as a bowel movement, I should know!!

Despite what those grand jurors tell you, Alan Partridge is as chatty as a brick, BELIEVE ME!!

Bernie's followers are red,
A drowned man's lips are blue,
my alt-right wackos have manly hands,
and kicked Hillary up the wazoo

Those leakers are lying to you: my HUGE supporters are as intense as a brisk walk!

Despite what those FBI moles tell you, Scarlett O'Hara is as bright as a pile of dog shit, BELIEVE ME!!

Bernie's followers are red,
Diet Pepsi cans are blue,
my FOX Friends love the USA,
and are welcome in my retinue

Those STUPID transgender troops are as regal as a bamboo throne!

Those FBI moles are lying to you: my HUGE Trump employees are as troubling as self trimming toenails!

Despite what those CIA hardliners tell you, Inspector Gadget is as mechanical as a pencil, BELIEVE ME!!

Those TERRIBLE Mueller spies are as incompetent as George W. Bush!

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