Trucker hats are red,
Superman's tights are blue,
my supporters buy Ivanka's clothes,
and jump when I say BOO

Those Sad (or Sick?) Comey people are as weak as Dick Cheney's old pacemaker!

Those media clowns are lying to you: my LEGENDARY kids Jared and Ivanka are as goofy as Doomsday!

Despite what those NBC hacks tell you, Tyrion Lannister is as astute as a lump on the head, I should know!!

Those SAD grand jurors are as energetic as a limp dishrag!

Despite what those whistle blowers tell you, Stephen Jay Gould is as empirical as Santa Claus, BELIEVE ME!!

Those DISGUSTING CNN liars are as sultry as a wet hot fart!

Despite what those Mueller spies tell you, Ella Fitzgerald is as girlish as Lady Macbeth, BELIEVE ME!!

Those Obama cronies are lying to you: my FANTASTIC human children are as explicit as a public information film!

Despite what those leakers tell you, Stephen Jay Gould is as empirical as Santa Claus, I should know!!

Trucker hats are red,
Secret bus recordings are blue,
my supporters will drain the swamp,
and think my tan is tres beaucoup

Those whistle blowers are lying to you: my TERRIFIC investors are as capable as a good apprentice!

Those FAILING media crooks are as critical as Social Security!

Those leakers are lying to you: my FANTASTIC legal team are as meek as the breath of a wounded water buffalo!

Southern states are red,
Varicose veins are blue,
my kids Jared and Ivanka follow me on Twitter,
and made me king of this zoo

Bernie's followers are red,
My ex-wives' wedding rings are gold,
my hair stylists would die for me,
and pay for my entire household

Those Comey people are lying to you: my TREMENDOUS investors are as controversial as drinking beer!

Stubby sore thumbs are red,
Frank Sinatra's eyes are blue,
my golf buddies are FANTASTIC,
and kicked Hillary up the wazoo

Those NYTimes employees are lying to you: my LEGENDARY business partners are as corrupting as Mary!

Despite what those NYTimes employees tell you, The Artful Dodger is as dextrous as a funambulist on paint thinner, BELIEVE ME!!

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