Ketchup bottles are red,
secret Russian recordings are blue,
my investors pay taxes,
and bow down before my statue

Those NBC hacks are lying to you: my BRILLIANT legal children are as solemn as a roast potato!

Face-lift scars are red,
Willy Wonka's tickets are gold,
my supporters vote Republican,
and ensure all my dancers are poled

Those whistle blowers are lying to you: my TREMENDOUS diehard Republicans are as demagogic as a university math professor!

Despite what those leakers tell you, Jack Nicholson is as captivating as an instructional video, I should know!!

Trump MAGA hats are red,
Secret bus recordings are blue,
my coal miners are winners,
and make the French say SACRE BLEU

Trucker hats are red,
Trump Tower toilets are gold,
my hair stylists will drain the swamp,
and respond angrily when I'm trolled

Those DISGRACEFUL leakers are as fickle as traffic cops!

Those Obama cronies are lying to you: my TREMENDOUS legal team are as abrasive as nails on a chalkboard!

Diet Coke cans are red,
Secret bus recordings are blue,
my legal children get MY vote,
and supported my coup

Those Comey people are lying to you: my TERRIFIC human children are as pompous as pissing in a gutter!

Plastic roses are red,
West-coast voters are blue,
my friends Newt and Rudi are winners,
and kicked Hillary up the wazoo

Those media clowns are lying to you: my LEGENDARY FOX Friends are as filthy as an unused wet wipe!

Diet Coke cans are red,
Frank Sinatra's eyes are blue,
my golf buddies watch FOXNews,
and know all that fake news is untrue

Those DISGUSTING NBC hacks are as subtle as a shotgun blast!

Despite what those Obama cronies tell you, Jay-Z Carter is as poetic as the telephone directory, BELIEVE ME!!

Those Washington insiders are lying to you: my LEGENDARY Trump employees are as skinny as the Michelin Man!

Despite what those media crooks tell you, Salvador Dali is as nutty as a tax return, I should know!!

Those DUMB FBI moles are as melodious as a garbage disposal!

Face-lift scars are red,
My dog's fillings are gold,
my kids Jared and Ivanka hate Obamacare,
and in Trump University enrolled

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