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Rosie O'Donnell's cheeks are red,
Aristocratic veins are blue,
my friends Newt and Rudi put America first,
and think my tan is tres beaucoup

Despite what those media clowns tell you, Ed Wood is as cheap as a bag of nursery dirt, I should know!!

Those freedom-hating doctors are lying to you: my FANTASTIC supporters are as quick as a Frisbee!

Those DREADFUL German cooks are as clever as a cold sore!

Those media crooks are lying to you: my TERRIFIC local milk people are as cold as hell!

Those FBI moles are lying to you: my GREAT coal miners are as nimble as the human hand!

Redneck necks are red,
Kentucky-fried thighs are gold,
my hair stylists would die for me,
and see Hillary as such a scold

Those leakers are lying to you: my LEGENDARY golf buddies are as rich as Warren Buffett!

Those REGRETTABLE transgender troops are as clumsy as a two year old on skis!

Those DUMB NBC hacks are as unavoidable as hard nipples in the cold!

Despite what those CNN liars tell you, Jack The Ripper is as vicious as a lamb, BELIEVE ME!!

Those FBI moles are lying to you: my HUGE business partners are as obedient as the dog!

Despite what those media crooks tell you, Vincent Van Gogh is as colorful as a tax return, BELIEVE ME!!

Ketchup bottles are red,
My underpants are gold,
my legal team were made in the USA,
and ensure I'm fully bankrolled

Those media clowns are lying to you: my TERRIFIC Trump employees are as snooty as Arkansas!

Trucker hats are red,
Hillary's pant-suits are blue,
my legal team wear MAGA hats,
and won't eat cheese that is blue

Face-lift scars are red,
Frank Sinatra's eyes are blue,
my coal miners will fund my wall,
and always bark, never moo

Trucker hats are red,
Smelly French cheeses are blue,
my local milk people pay taxes,
and never give me the flu

Those media clowns are lying to you: my TERRIFIC human children are as sorrowful as an ingrown toenail!

Despite what those media clowns tell you, Ella Fitzgerald is as lightweight as a whale riding an elephant, BELIEVE ME!!

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