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Y'all ever heard of a garden path sentence? It's a sentence whose structure is designed to fool you. Examples: 

The old man the boat.

The prime number few.

Fat people eat accumulates.

Have the students who failed the exam take a saturday class.

The boat floated down the river sank.

The complex houses married and single soldiers and their families.

The man who whistles tunes pianos.

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I want to live with people I love, as myself, doing something fulfilling or at least not harmful to anyone or anything.

Capitalism will try to sell me on the idea that it will provide this, but it won't. I can't afford to live with people I love, as myself, doing something worthwhile.

It all needs the burn or else I can never be happy and neither can the people that matter to me.
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Today on "Annoying Web Design Trends" 

The inaccessible website footer that just scrolls away forever because the page keeps loading more content.

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Is "compulsively pulling down" the new "smashing F5"?

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trans girls/enbies only 

:heart_nb: you're a cutie :heart_eyes_cat_trans:

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I wrote a small incident report about the #bot attack that happened earlier. :mastodon:

I hope it might help other instances and be useful to us next time this happens. I also think it's important to communicate with you about the issues affecting us. :breathe:

Thanks again to @Gargron and @CM_noelle for there help !


#mastodon #modnews

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Alright, time to get to the

Hey there! I'm Jojo, also known as Scratch, 32, they/them, from Germany. Currently I'm mainly a university student, but to finance that kind of lifestyle (haha) I also work as a UX designer.
In my free time I'm a coder too, but also a crafter, socialist, feminist and a fucking nerd.
Hit me up if you're interested in video games, rpgs (any but the sexy kind), scifi, urban fantasy/magic/mythology, the redistribution of wealth and being queer as fuck.

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trans women are so fucking beautiful thanks for coming to my ted talk

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I have no spoons for anything but doing a violence on a CEO.

I have boundless energy when it comes to that.

Memes on mastodon have a lifespan of 20 minutes so every time you look at the federated timeline you just get hit by sentences like "my spinal fluid tastes like sweage" and you just gotta accept that that's what is happening in your life

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Oh man, i love backing cookies but the bending over for putting them in the oven and getting them out hurts my back so much

Preheat oven to 180°C top/bottom heat (160°C fan-assisted). Form cookie dough into small crescents (see pic for size) and bake for approx. 15 minutes (more or less, take out when they start to brown).

Let cool for 2-3 min, sieve prepared sugar mix over cookies and roll them around in it, let cool for another 2-3 minutes so you don't burn your mouth haha, and enjoy! :cookieqt:

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Preparing dough:
Put flour, butter, sugar, and 2 packages of vanilla sugar in a bowl and mix well. Wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for approx. an hour (30 minutes are enough, but i find it easier to work with that way).

Mix remaining 2 pckgs. vanilla sugar with icing sugar, put aside

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