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Alrighgty then, late, i know, but here is the monthly update: twitch is going strong, we go for three hours a day, monday to saturday. twitter was axed for an unknown reason, newtumbl is going long and strong thanks to the unlimited queue, and bitchute will be getting an exclusive show: Geistwind Unfiltered, where the jokes are funny and 0 fucks are given!

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Sunday: Warframe

Monday: Far Cry New Dawn

Tuesday: Far Cry New Dawn

Wednesday: Warframe

Thursday: Far Cry New Dawn

Friday: Far Cry New Dawn

Saturday: Path of Exile

Streams usually start around 7pm EDT

(far cry clips will be added to bitchute/youtube once a day after the game is completed)

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i'm not gonna lie, we are in a bad way. I have not had any shifts at work this month, and have been forced to shut down multiple services I set up for my followers/Discord members. We have only enough to keep going for 1 more month. after that, we will have to start selling hardware to pay the bills. What this means for you, is that the let's plays will stop. The image services will be next. Then the server in general will be all that's left, but I will have no way to check it anymore.

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let's show some love to a friend of the network, TiberiumSoul. he's open for commissions, as well as the creator of the doom gameplay mod Insanity's Requiem. check him out here: and his mod here:

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It's March, and that means it's march madness! how it works is this: if you go to the newtumbl page you will see that we have been posting 250ish images a day, every day, until the 31st. enjoy!
New Tumbl: greatest-hentai-in-the-world.n

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