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in 2014, astronomers released a new view of 10,000 galaxies in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field. It included observations in visible, infrared & ultraviolet light, making it the most "colorful" picture yet assembled of the evolving univers…

Elliptical galaxies tend to be full of old stars and exhibit little or no new star formation. Messier 59 bucks this trend somewhat; the galaxy does show signs of star formation, with some newborn stars residing within a disk near the core: …

100 years ago, solar eclipse observers noted that stars near the Sun appeared out of place, verifying Einstein’s theory that gravity could bend light. Today, Hubble views distant galaxies whose light has been similarly bent by “gravitational lensing…

Millions of light-years away, these two galaxies are performing a gravitational dance that will lead to their merger in a galactic grand finale. Glimpse these & other interacting galaxies in Hubble's newest Flickr album: …

Servicing Mission 4 would not have been possible without the many people who supported the astronauts from the ground before, during, and after the flight. As we wrap up the 10 year anniversary, check out our new flickr album celebrating those people: …

in 2009, after bad weather repeatedly prevented the shuttle from landing in Florida, Atlantis touched down at Edwards Air Force Base, returning its crew home safely and ending Hubble's final servicing mission.

Messier 90 is remarkable; it is one of the few galaxies seen to be traveling toward the Milky Way, not away from it. The galaxy’s light reveals this incoming motion in a phenomenon known as blueshift. To learn more:

in 2008, Hubble observed a third red spot alongside Jupiter's famous Great Red Spot and the smaller Red Spot Jr. in the giant planet's turbulent atmosphere:

During Servicing Mission 4, a professional photographer was given behind-the-scenes access during astronaut training, prepping the shuttle NASAKennedy, and inside mission control during the flight. See some of the amazing photos in our new Flickr album: …

in 2009, astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis bid farewell to Hubble as they released it back into space after completing five spacewalks to repair and upgrade the orbiting observatory.

in 2009, at the end of the final Hubble servicing spacewalk, astronaut John Grunsfeld (SciAstro) gave the telescope a pat and said, "One last handshake with Mr. Hubble from me."

in 2009, astronauts John Grunsfeld & Drew Feustel install additional insulation on Hubble, called New Outer Blanket Layers, which help protect the telescope and regulate its temperature as it passes in and out of sunlight.

in 2009, astronauts Drew Feustel & John Grunsfeld replace a fine guidance sensor with a refurbished one that was removed from the telescope in 1999 and upgraded. The fine guidance sensors help Hubble point and lock on to its targets.

in 2009, astronauts John Grunsfeld & Drew Feustel (SciAstro & Astro_Feustel) replace some of Hubble's original batteries with new ones, which help the spacecraft store energy collected by its solar panels.

in 2009, astronauts John Grunsfeld & Drew Feustel begin the final spacewalk of Hubble's last servicing mission. Their goals include installing new batteries, insulation panels, and an enhanced sensor to track the stars.

in 2009, astronauts Mike Massimino & Mike Good finish a complicated repair of the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph, after having to break off a handrail with a stripped bolt that wouldn't come out & then removing 111 tiny screws.

in 2009, astronauts Mike Massimino (Astro_Mike) & Mike Good begin the 4th spacewalk of Hubble's last servicing mission. Their main goal is to fix the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph, which suffered a power failure in 2004.

Today, astronauts from Hubble's 4th Servicing Mission visited airandspace to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this historic spaceflight.

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