The instrument you played in high school determines what your likely fursona is.
Flute: rabbit/deer
Clarinet: mustelid
Saxophone: skunk/cat
F horn: sheep/aquatic
Trumpet: lion/canine
Trombone: equine/big cat
Baritone: sloth/bovine
Tuba: bear/large mammal
Percussion: hyena/dragon

(Btw I just made this for funsies. Feel free to tell me if I’m right or wrong.)

Hey it is the guy on Tumblr. PLEASE do not think I am a stalker I am not I promise, I just found this pjace I think through Tumblr. And I wouldn't be disappointed in anything. Anything people do is better than I can do so I hold their art in the highest places. I just wanted to know if you could do something similar yo what you reblogged. If not it is cool dw about it. :]

@mistletea Ohhh you're one of those anime lovers. Stereotypical for ppl today.

@mistletea No, there are a fuck ton of gays on here. Really sad too bc I wanted to enjoy my time but I cannot escape their drama.

@sylveon Wish i could live in a world where everyone was straight and people like wouldn't defend the lgbtards

it has nothing to do with a phobia 

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