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:zf: Aftermovie Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival 2018 :rapalje:

Every year we transform the City Park of Groningen from a walking paradise to a Celtic world.
Be amazed by international and national bands and acts, a market with something for everyone and various activities and workshops. Also the inner man has been thought.

Recorded by Tim Lechner.

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I could do this for a living! 😂😂

Kijk 'Argument - Monty Python' op YouTube

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What's gift u got from Sander.

He still holding the surprise for me by not revealing the gift 😋

@LadyLiess @snder

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Gezellige dag gehad met @LadyLiess ♥️ @Jolanda, Dennis en Liesbeth! 🎄

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This year's wickerman @castlefest

Flaming wolf, hear my song
I sent my voice from deep within

Fiery wolf, hear my song
I sent my voice to set me free

Fiery wolf,

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