Awesome little girl! If it was my daughter I would be so proud and cheering out loud! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ“£πŸ‘
Whatch the entire clip! It's worth it πŸ˜†

Actually quite some food that's typical Dutch πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ŒLove the fact that they hate the sweets we call 'drop'

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I had to kill some time, cos my gf sleep for million hours more than me.
Found an old sketchbook and some colored pencils. Looks like a few years of practice wasn't a waste after all
#traditionalart #creativetoots

Made my own table/chest a while ago when I moved out from my parents to my own home. Old wooden pallets have gotten a new purpose 😊

A little over 3 hours to work and then a whole week of peace 😁😌

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Since I can't find any covers for books to protect them from scratching in my bag, I made my own 😊😊

🎢"Go to Russia, see the Red Square
Lenin's body lying dead there
From Kyoto, Hiroshima
Watch the black cloud crawling nearer

There were riots in America
Just when things were getting better
All the things I've done and seen
Still I don't know what life means

All the people living in, living in the world today
Reunited by our love, reunited by our pain (ooh)
All the things that I've done and I've seen
Still I don't know, don't know what it means, to be human"🎢

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@snder song you might like too. Macklemore is in the song too

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**De 29-jarige Katie Bouman is verantwoordelijk voor foto van zwart gat**

"Jarenlang is ze ermee bezig geweest. Drie jaar geleden, toen pas 26 jaar oud, ontwikkelde Katie Bouman een algoritme die de eerste 'foto' van het zwarte gat mogelijk heeft gemaakt. Wereldwijd is er veel lof voor de inmiddels 29-jarige Bouman, die haar cruciale aandeel in de foto al die tijd geheim moest houden.
Wetenschappers deb…"

#nieuws #bot

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