@noorul some things are interesting. Got a lot explained before so the interest is more

@Lyke haha,

I don't much of space neither not interested

@noorul it's just a little but found it interesting that she wrote a code in so many books. The old fashion way, now that we have computers

@Lyke knowing about this is inspiring.

Good you shared.

So u write?

@noorul no but I love to read books ❤️ even though it's mostly fantasy

@noorul yes! Mostly fantasy or romantic (comedy) movies. Fantasy like the marvel movies and stuff.

I've "Enemy at the gate" in full HD today.

Hope to watch tonight.


The film's main character is a fictionalized version of sniper Vasily Zaytsev, a Hero of the Soviet Union during World War II. It includes a snipers' duel between Zaytsev and a Wehrmacht sniper school director, Major Erwin König.
Enemy at the Gates - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enemy_at



What's your favourite movie ?

I'd say "Love actually" is somewhat I lived.

"You got mail" is an other I enjoy most


@noorul those are great movies! "the lake house" is also amazing!

Do they have cinema industry in Netherland ?


@Lyke no, they produce movie there ? Like in Hollywood?

@noorul ah oké sorry miscommunication. Hollywood they do. Movie theaters you can only watch the movies

@Lyke i like to watch good movies made in Netherland, in it's culture or language

@noorul haha most movies we watch here are in English. Few people who like the Dutch movies


i've checked out Lake house trailer.

Sandra Bullock in it. Nice


@Lyke i just checked out Alles is Liefde, a Dutch film.

Actress looks good 😁

@noorul haha let me guess carice van houten xD

@noorul yes that's carice haha. She also has a role in the film "komt een vrouw bij de dokter"

@Lyke wow... dutch film title is long ,'

Change of plan today, Lyke.

I post to watch , "Enemy at the gate" later.

Found a this, "Love happens". Jennifer Aniston in this file, and miss her , so going to watch it now



@noorul hahaha that's a totally different sort of movie. Love it 😂 have fun!! I'm gonna watch aquamen for the second time tonight with a friend of mine 😊😊 also a great actor (to look at haha)

@noorul haha Jason momoa. Totally not my type but still looking great haha

@noorul really not? I thaught he was perfect for you 🤣😜

@Lyke haha,

I am very straight 😊

I'd be 🤤 at actress, Carice

@noorul haha probably not the only guy who thinks that. 🤔😜

@noorul last time I spoke to her she was sick for a short while. But al the other stuff was great! Soon we're going to talk to each other with Skype again!

Ok awesome, then I will join the converation 😁

Dont use skype for more than decade

Show more

Yes, totally, different genre.

I just caught this film trailer today, Love happens.

Started smoothing now.

Thank you. You too enjoy the movie


@noorul I'm doubting if I already now the movie love happens or not. Good idea to watch next time 😋 thank you, you too enjoy your movie 😁


Do you have watch a movie call snow queen from hbo release in 2004 or something.

It's fancy as your taste but with such love, romantic film. I miss it, I've watched it since my teenage

@noorul sounds good but I haven't seen it! Thanks for the tip 😊😊

@Lyke i doubt it we can see it'

It's HBO original.

A young boy and young fall in love. And snow queen would take him to her place.

Then this girl, would go all, "spring" , "autumn" season to Snow Queen place for love of her'

It's fancy genre

@noorul sounds amazing. Shame it's only HBO

@Lyke yes, it released 2004. So we may not find it nowadays

It may be also, Hallmark channel. I doubt HBO wasn't famous as hallmark that time.

Here is clip from the movie

Snow Queen- Cease to exist - youtube.com/watch?v=bSSQTUBweg


@Lyke this is exactly.

Oh good. This feels so good now

Lyke, she looks cool, isn't

Whose your favourite actor & actress ?


@noorul I don't really have a favorite but if I had to choose I would go for Ryan Reynolds as male actor and Emma stone as female actrice. They but really funny in films they play. For instance, Ryan Reynolds was the best in the movie Deadpool!

Ryan Reynolds is cool.

Last film, I watched, "Woman in gold".

My favourite can be Tom Hunk, Will Smith, Daniel Washington.

Actress ... Jennifer Aniston , etc 😀


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