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Linux Fact of the day!!!
Reply with the distro you are using!!!!

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Smith Machine Overhead Presses:
1. 10kg x 30 reps
2. 20kg x 20 reps
3. 30kg x 15 reps
4. 40kg x 12 reps
5. 50kg x 8 reps

Overhead Dumbbell Presses:
1. 15kg x 20 reps
2. 20kg x 15 reps
3. 25kg x 9 reps
4. 25kg x 8 reps

Iso Lateral Cable Motion Overhead Presses:
1. 20kg x 30 reps
2. 30kg x 20 reps
3. 40kg x 10 reps

Machine Lateral Raises:
1. 15kg x 20 reps
2. 25kg x 15 reps
3. 35kg x 8 reps
4. 35kg x 8 reps

Machine Reversed Flyes:
1. 5kg x 20 reps
2. 10kg x 15 reps
3. 15kg x 10 reps

Reversed Cable Cross Over:
1. 2,5kg x 20 reps
2. 7,5kg x 15 reps
3. 7,5kg x 15 reps
4. 7,5kg x 15 reps

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Chromium on Linux is listening through your mic, get rid of that garbage straight away:

It strikes me that it shouldn't be possible on any modern OS to access the microphone or camera without a notification, an explicit allowance, and a logfile generated somewhere.

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Today, September 17th, is the birthday of the Linux kernel 0.0.1! Happy birthday, Linux!

@snder Waarom kunnen we geen foto's uploaden?

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Hm this is impressive. Every IM app I've used (other than Conversations) only sends notifications when the app is open because I don't have Google Services. Not only does #Threema do that but calls also work exactly as expected. I have no apps open, someone calls, and a fullscreen popup opens where I can accept or reject the call. If I want the same experience with Signal, I have to keep it open in the background and I'm a frequent "Clear all" user so that just doesn't work out.

So far, the only boxes Threema doesn't tick are an open client and an open server. The latter will likely never happen but I'm looking forward to the former.

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Alpine Linux, once you manage to get the damn thing installed, is a real pleasure to work with and develop for honestly.
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LibreOffice is about much more than just a free office suite. It's a worldwide project and community that anyone can join, and build up their skills – potentially leading to a full-time job in the LibreOffice ecosystem! See how Pranam Lashkari got started:

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Has anyone become IRL friends with someone they met on #mastodon ?

Please boost I'm curious

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