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Vor vier Jahren nutzte Donald Trump `yourarefired` als Passwort für seinen Twitter-Account. Jetzt war es `maga2020!`.


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You know what to do.
Boosts are appreciated ✅

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Me: This software is coded badly and thus has tons of vulnerabilities. Please don't force me to use it. Here are some good alternatives.

other Person: But they are fixed now, so no more vulnerabilities exist, right?

Me: No, that's not how it works..

other Person: oh... anyways, you have to use that software

So I am now hosting my own photoprism.org/ instance on my server for two weeks or so. So far this young project gave me a joy revisiting my photos from scratch! If you are in the need for looking at your photos the organized way and easy sharing, you are at the right spot with this project in my eyes!

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Wer von Euch ist der Ansicht, dass #Apps zum Bevölkerungsschutz wie die

bbk.bund.de/DE/NINA/Warn-App_N oder


#FreieSoftware / #OpenSource sein sollten?

Wenn ja, dann bitte teilen.

Public Money? #PublicCode!

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Der nop-space in Nürnberg hat einige Schwachstellen in der Schulplattform #mebis gefunden.
Technische Analyse der MEBIS-Schwachstellen | 0x90.space



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Es braucht 3 (in Worten drei) Monate um eine dokumentierte Schwachstelle in einer landesweit (#Bayern) eingesetzten Software zu fixen? #wtf Und deshalb ist sie proprietär? SLAs, Verantwortung, Rechtssicherheit am Ar***.

#Mebis #PublicMoneyPublicCode

CC @[email protected] twitter.com/qbi/status/1296838

🐦🔗: twitter.com/pluhmen/status/129

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Sometimes my internet speed amazes me... I just downloaded the JeOs qcow2, which means 176MB, in round about 2s.

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I just found a beautiful article on Medium which explains on how to create interactive CLI Python Applications. For me this is my article of the day!


I own my Switch for a quitr a while but until now I didn't own any of the Pokémon games. I decided now that it is time that I treat myself a little bit and let the childhood memories coming back to me.

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#jitsi hier gibt es eine Liste mit jitsi Instanzen. Phantastisch, dass diese so einfach und problemlos verwendet werden können:


Vielen Dank an die Betreiber!

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Today I've reviewed the biggest pull request not adding static files or vendored code in my programmer career so far. Thanks to @SchoolGuy the documentation for #Cobbler will improve tremendously! This was a huge amount of work from his side!


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@opensuse has it an own #container
registry and application containers. That's right. The registry can be found at registry.opensuse.org #podman @DockerBot

I have written a small german blog entry on my private website about my experiences with creating a cross platform build on the Opensuse Build Service: 4seul.de/blog/cross-platform-p

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