That moment you realize that at the age of 21 it is not normal to hear Nocturnes from Frédéric Chopin while having a cold Sprite and Winegums and enjoying a good book...

Just managed to add a back detector to our model train tracks and made it report to rocrail. Just took me 5 hours. And what took these 5 hours? - 2 x 30cm cable laying + 6 mouse clicks... I got totally mad. 😶

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All you Rustaceans interested in developing software for system package management, here's a slightly delayed Christmas gift: *official* Rust bindings to librpm, courtesy of!

Check it out! Contributions welcome!

Just fiddled around 30min just to find that the GUI of my FritzBox apparently has stonage age speed of updating the DNS Config or no updating it at all. A restart did the trick at the end.

It is really complicated explaining to people that being a dev means sometimes to just wait...

Porting documentation from Markdown to rst is kind of the most boring thing I ever did (there is no good tool for it in my case). But then again documentation is the one of the most important things of a project... *sigh*

After some time and a great tutorial I finally got it to work: Android CI with CD form Commit straight to the play store! 🤯


@sid Is it correct that you have your Keybase two times in your profile? 🤔

Satisfying linters when you combining multiple markup languages is really a pain in the arse...


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