Minecraft, Sandboxes, and Colonialism | Folding Ideas
In Minecraft, how to tame a wild plot of land, create a village, & populate it. Either with de-zombie-ed zombies.... or trafficked humans.

A look at how games of exploration & crafting, may be encouraging our more exploitative & insensitive tendencies.

There are so many Confederate statues in the US. But most were put up -decades- after the Civil War ended. And more were put up during Civil Rights. A short history of Confederate statues, and a look at the attitudes and reasons their construction. | CW: talk of racism 

ONE HIT WONDERLAND: "You Get What You Give" by New Radicals youtu.be/ZJ3FdAFXR_U I had forgotten about this song, and I dont know how I did that.




It is everything you want out of an movie, including having an InvaderZim movie at all, and some stuff you didnt think you would get in an InvaderZim movie.

Sacrifice your principles at the alter of streaming-media capitalism and go ___-----====NOW====-----___ and press your eye-meats to the screen of
!! !!

GRANDIA HD Collection - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
I can vouch for Grandia II so so so so much. A fantastic game. Please give it a chance if you are interested.

'Throughline': Boer War Gave Rise To Some Of The First Concentration Camps
During colonial England is one of the first recorded concentration camps. This is the story of the woman who learned of it, and fought to make it known.

Ibram X. Kendi: Racism Isn't An Identity, It's What You're Doing In The Moment n.pr/2YK4a6z How racism can not just be something you are made to be, but is still a thing that you do. How it can not necessarily be an act or intent, but also the effect.

Ice Bear thinks it's time to go home. And hide. Like albino aligator.

What Ever Happened to Hazel Scott?
The story of a black woman jazz performer, and piano savant, who became a big star in the 1940s. But whose name faded to history.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. ~ Anne Lamott

made me smile, made me worry, made me cry a whole day, and showed me things wonderful. Thank you Owen Dennis and your team. We waited like two years, but you made it happen.

Happening now
A local news affiliate reports of ICE raids on Mississippi businesses detaining hundreds of people. Their children were not addressed by gov officials, and were left alone and unaccounted for. Volunteers have stepped in to supervise the children.

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