This is an old one, but it felt like a good time to recirculate it.




It is everything you want out of an movie, including having an InvaderZim movie at all, and some stuff you didnt think you would get in an InvaderZim movie.

Sacrifice your principles at the alter of streaming-media capitalism and go ___-----====NOW====-----___ and press your eye-meats to the screen of
!! !!

AH! The embed of the video ignores my trying to start the video at a specific time! The purpose of my toot is defeated!

@snder , why is?

Watched last night, and it was really fun. Great performances, great stunts, great vfx. The editing is too fast, keep that in mind. But the story is still enjoyable. I really like it.

has great performances, like I said, but it's hampered by the not rapid, but definitely quick, pacing. Scenes still have an impact, but the impacts are not allowed much breathing room.

I think it definitely a worthy entry into the MIB oeuvre. And would love to see more. Just, calm down on the editing.

Got to say, Janmin is my favorite character in pretty much all of Shenmue. was was soo different, but had different things to love.

Just saw Ma (the movie) . It's a fun, entertaining movie. Not really much of slasher, more of a psychological thriller. Some kind of creepy moments, and some oddly funny moments. Not the best, but still really enjoyable.

Ok, so finally got around to watching TheDarkCrystal [I know, shouldnt have waited]. I think I was initially put off by the Gelflings, and no they arent the best puppets in the movie. BUT ~everything~ in this movie is gorgeous. The story is fantastic. DAmn good movie.

Just watched again. I cant say enough how much of a joy it is to watch this movie. Good job to everyone who made it.

Here is a May calendar I made. It's made specifically for 8x11 paper, so feel free to print it out, and magnet it to your fridge.

I am still waiting on this to become a proper comic book. ..Just let me know.

I thought this was a belt buckle. But no it's a pin. Kinda wishing it was a buckle, and I hate buckles.

New ‘Cartoonist-Driven’ Looney Tunes Shorts To Debut At Annecy

gghm-ghmmm... [breath] AHHHHHHhhhHHhhHH!!! Actual new this-year!! Just a few months away In June!! FUCK yes!!

A digimon calendar for March I just made. First iteration, but hopefully it holds up.


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