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Current state of mind... I'have come to the conclusion that I suspect almost every male at my workplace to be :0120:

suggestion for this : (Richie Jen) - 心太軟 (too softhearted)

我就爱任贤齐因为他特别可爱 :blobcatheart:

Artist: HALco
Title: あけましておめでとうございます2 (happy new year 2)

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Artist: NaruEver
Title: モリタカのチョコ (Moritaka chocolate)

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Artist: Taki(塔吉風)
Title: Tiger 老虎

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Artist: 市川和秀 KAZ
"Zansho-mimai" is a summer greeting card exchanged during summer season traditionally in Japan. During July 15th to August 7th, it's "Shochu-mimai" (midsummer greetings). After 7th, it becomes "zansho-mimai" (late summer greetings).

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Music suggestion for this : MP魔幻力量 - 光合作用 (Photosynthesis), used in the soundtrack of the Taïwanese series Two fathers (兩個爸爸插曲):

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