ive been a lil inactive but mutuals know this: i would still throw down for any of you in a heartbeat

hey reminder from your local police business support worker: child porn, drawn or real, is a crime!!! you can, and will, be reported for that shit!!! "psuedo-photographs of children" is a term used legally, and you best bet that if i see anyone posting that shit, they're getting reported. sincerely, someone who's seen a lot of pedo cases in the past 2 weeks who needs brain bleach!!

All these people looking to get some fuck, and all I want is for someone to cuddle and stay with me

The weirdest feeling is wanting to draw, but not wanting to do any of the stuff to set up for drawing

me: can I have time to finish essay?
reality: to finish essay?
me: yeah
me: actually spirals out of control for 3 days like a boss

bottom culture is making fun of other bottoms for being a bottom

trying to read the timeline as it speeds by and clipping into a wall in a video game have the same unnamable energy to it

Decorating Christmas cookies is fun, until you've done 10 and you're already out of ideas. Then my mind just goes, "Ahhhhhhhhhh, this one will be a penis."

*about to eat a calculator* its time to crunch the numbers

being on this website is just a constant cycle of the scream and sleep i post all of my good content within twenty minutes and then immediately enter into a coma

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