Drawing for my friend Alvaseer of his dog that had passed away.

Mushu is a good girl, and was fun to draw.

Henry Hide Ref
Reworked an old character and made a ref for him.

Who he's inspired by should be pretty obvious, I wasn't very subtle.

Sequel to the previous drawing. That poor, poor chicken.

Based on some events in one of my discord servers.

Edritch hitting Lyeox with a rubber chicken.

Edritch (

Lyeox (

A request from my friend Karpish of my fursona and his character Fenli goofing off. 


I decided to draw Syria in their true form, as I don't do that very often.

Off they go for a run through a field.

(Syria's true form isn't actually crazy big, Fenli is just real smol. About 3 feet tall.)

Fenli belongs to Karpusmaximus (

I haven't properly drawn my dragon sona in a good long while, so I thought it's about time I change that.

I'm gonna have to remember to drawn them a little more often.

Having recently watched the second season of Aggretsuko, and having a friend who's Discord icon is a picture of Haida, I felt inspired.

Sort of a lazy doodle, nothing special with the pose or anything. Mostly just made to scratch that Haida-doodle itch. Who knows, maybe I'll draw somethin' a little fancier for Aggretsuko sometime. I guess gimme ideas if you've got em.

Doodled my friend Karpish's nimbat character for fun. Pearl is a grumpy gus.

A little bust I made for me friend Karpish for his birthday.


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A drawing I made for my mom for the day of mothers. She likes black cats and dragonflies.

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A doodle request from my friend Karpish, of him dressed as Rock Lee from Naruto.

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Holiday Burgerpants
A festive Burgerpants that I made for a Secret Santa art exchange.

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Bananimal Syria
The idea of a banana animal came into my brain, so here it is.

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Karpish N
A drawing for my friend Karpish of his fursona dressed as N from Pokémon.

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I'm not super late to making this or anything. 

My fursona if they got all Symbioted, I guess.

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Magical Girl Snake
A request from my friend Eva. "A magical girl, but a snake. And not an anthro snake. An actual snake."

This was hella fun to draw.

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Xenomorph Cuddles
A request from my friend Konian Furret of him snugglin' a Xenomorph.

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Rando Guy
Some old art I had lying around. Finally got around to finishing it up. It was orginally to practice techniques on, but I decided to just simplify it a bit and get it out of my WIP folder.

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I've been rewatching Adventure Time, and Me-Mow has always been a favorite of mine. So have a Me-Mow.

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