Following coding tutorials as I take my first baby steps into this adventure.

(Tutorial series used: )

Spent a few mins (or maybe over an hour...not sure! Was having fun xD) playing with 2.8's for

I had no idea how to in-between and instead of manually drawing every frame I went into Edit mode and turned on Onion Skin. Editing things via Scale and Rotate.

Sorry it's so bloody hard to see ^.^" I couldn't figure out how to change pre-existing brush strokes.

Attempting to actually learn/do some using

I learned several things! Mostly what *not* to do xD

For example don't START your journey on sommat like having a character interact with an object!

I realize fully I could've spent more time and done more, but I already don't know how long was spent and taking too long trying to perfect sommat means less time trying different things and getting to a faster workflow.

Critique appreciated ^^

Umm.... ? You okay?

(No offense to Luis Ángel Gómez Jaramillo or his music. I just find this funny)


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