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Abandoned deaf community?
I woke up this morning made my coffee.. and I realize something… It so easy to get banned in deaf community and I got banned most of the deaf group in Facebook and website.. I did not do a serious violation to their rules and yet they push me out. There barely any support in the deaf community. Since the banned me from be part of their site or groups… I think I will call it quit trying… I am so tired of this shit. (read more..)

Good morning ☕ hope y'all have great Friday!

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We are testing a rocket chat server for Public Use.
its an instant messaging Service You Try it out

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Today I am going hop on a train and go all the way to the end.. to the town called never been there before.. of course I will it! this trip cost me nothing!

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Hello there! Welcome to the community, if you have any questions or need any help please let me know! :flan_cool: :mastodance:


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