The search for dark matter -- and what we've found so far | Risa Wechsler

A Critical Test for Our Commercial Crew Program on This Week @NASA – January 25, 2020

Vevo - Hot This Week: January 24, 2020 (The Biggest New Music Videos)

Epic Majestic Orchestral Music - ''Transcendence'' by Fearless Motivation

The "opportunity gap" in US public education -- and how to close it | Anindya Kundu

Spacewalk to Repair Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Outside International Space Station on Jan. 25, 2020

Why winning doesn't always equal success | Valorie Kondos Field

The past, present and future of nicotine addiction | Mitch Zeller

The beautiful balance between courage and fear | Cara E. Yar Khan

Massive Hybrid Trailer Music - ''Vanguard'' by Position Music (Jo Blankenburg)

Citrix Patches Major Vulnerability; Windows Patches NSA Reported Bug - ThreatWire

The Universe in Infrared: The Legacy of the Spitzer Space Telescope

Why 1.5 billion people eat with chopsticks | Small Thing Big Idea, a TED series

How to turn off work thoughts during your free time | Guy Winch

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