Coronavirus puts a stop to much-loved Pinnaroo Show in 2020 The pandemic has caused the cancellation of the Pinnaroo Show this year, which has only been cancelled because of drought and war in its 104-year history.

Commonwealth acted unlawfully in shutting down live export trade: Federal Court The Federal Court sides with class-action litigants, agreeing the Commonwealth acted unlawfully when it banned live exports in 2011.

Ballarat mushroom producers say pandemic a 'blessing in disguise' for their business A shift in marketing to farmgate sales by mushroom producers boosts consumer enthusiasm to support local economy, -19

'The smell is amazing': The beautiful wedding bouquet you can eat Bundaberg farmer Amanda Giles had no idea she was creating a new product when she simply bunched some herbs together and took a photo.

Granite Belt farmers consider carting water for third year due to drought Drought-affected apple growers in one of Australia's key growing regions consider "highly undesirable" carting of water for the third year in a row.

Capturing the crop: Meet the fast-paced farmer and his home-made drone At speeds of up to 150 kilometres per hour, Heath Whibley darts around farm machinery and sprints across paddocks in effortless style.

The curious cracks in this forest will cost $1 million to fix After three extremely dry years, more than 500 cracks β€” some up to three metres deep β€” appear throughout the floor of the Pilliga Forest in western New South Wales.

What's on the lifestyle menu with stage three eased coronavirus restrictions in July for Queensland? With Queenslanders given a surprise reprieve on coronavirus restrictions this week, it's time to look at what's likely to come next with stage three, touted as possible from July 10. ,EconomicsandFinance (Other) -19

Federal Court to make key ruling in landmark live cattle export class action Cattle producers will today learn whether the Commonwealth's decision to ban the live export trade to Indonesia in 2011 was unlawful.

New app for backpackers hoped to improve farm labour shortages A former farm and mining worker hopes his new app will help ease labour shortages in Victoria's north-west. (Rural)

'We want to get back to work': Queensland coronavirus restrictions ease, tourism industry ready Queenslanders are now free to travel to most places in the state and stay in those places overnight. But for many businesses, it still won't be enough to stem heavy financial losses. ,EconomicsandFinance (Other)

'You cannot play down the seriousness': Union concerns over gas safety incident at Queensland coal mine The mining union says there has been a gas-related safety incident at the coal mine directly next to the Grosvenor Mine at Moranbah, where five men were injured in a an underground explosion last month. ,EconomicsandFinance

Pet alpaca found 'dying on the ground', shot A Gippsland hobby farmer is shocked and angry at the killing of her family's pet alpaca.

Milk prices revealed in first test of mandatory dairy code of conduct Dairy farmers are told the price they will receive from milk processors under a new regime that outlaws retrospective price cuts.

'Magnificent opportunity to discover our own backyard': Queensland tourism reopens for business As easing restrictions allow Queenslanders to travel around the state, tourism operators, cafes and accommodation providers in the Wide Bay and Burnett regions have eagerly reopened their doors. ,EconomicsandFinance -19

Region's message to Queensland tourists β€” we are open for business The tourism sector has been ravaged by coronavirus restrictions, but hopes intrastate travellers will save the season. -Economy -19

'I really apologise': Rockhampton council backflips on agricultural show holiday date The Rockhampton Regional Council has voted to change its agricultural show holiday from June 11 to August 14 despite the show being cancelled this year.

Northern Miner mourned as gold rush era newspaper announces closure An early owner-editor was a controversial political radical and its pages reported on a stock exchange that drove a gold rush boom, but now the Northern Miner is no more. (Rural)

As newspapers move online, the last letterpress newspaper soldiers on Printed newspapers are going the way of the dinosaurs, but not in this NSW Mid North Coast village.

'A little bit scary': Stitching up a gravely ill python In an unusual request for a small-town vet, this sick snake needed stitching up after suffering a huge cut to its body.

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