Murray-Darling water price skyrockets 140pc off huge leap in demand, dry conditions New analysis of water prices in the southern Murray-Darling Basin finds water prices sitting at levels only previously seen during the Millennium Drought. ,EconomicsandFinance -DarlingBasin

Old stock routes revived but drover-grazier tensions emerge in competition for feed Drought conditions have revived the old practice of large cattle drives, but drovers face new challenges as competition for feed on previously abandoned stock routes heats up.

AgQuip sees farmers get together and plan for when it finally rains Australia's largest agricultural field day may not exactly be a spending spree this year, but it does provide farmers with a reprieve from drought. ,EconomicsandFinance

Cowboys go to win, but there are other ways to blow off steam at the Mount Isa rodeo Bull riders will still tell you the Mount Isa Rodeo isn't a social event β€” they go to win. But as conditions in country Australia worsen, they're not the only ones hanging on.

'My internet is better than it was in Sydney': Outback textile artist's pleasant surprise Burketown, a town in north-west Queensland, can be cut off from the world for months at a time during the wet season, but it's got better internet than in Sydney according to a textile designer.

ACCC gives its blessing to Landmark acquisition of rival RuralCo A proposed merger between two of Australia's biggest rural retailers is a step closer to reality after the competition regulator said it would not oppose the plan.

One of the world's most remote pearl farms has a new owner The harvest is underway at one of Australia's most remote pearl farms and its new owners are excited by what they see. ,Aquaculture

Council hands out $700 debit cards to help farmers and stimulate local economy Wellington Shire Council in Victoria's Gippsland region gives eligible farmers $700 pre-loaded debit cards to provide some financial relief and stimulate the local economy.

Jail terms promised in crackdown on NSW farm trespass The New South Wales Government has introduced 'right to farm' legislation which it says will create the toughest penalties for farm trespass in Australia.

Aussie bull rider Ruth Vogelsang battles through injury to take on the US circuit One of the Top End's only female bull riders has taken on the US rodeo circuit despite suffering a serious shoulder injury just days from leaving.

Hopes for quail sales lift in shift to faster foods, but eggs fall under tracking regime When reality show contestants β€” and even foodies β€” talk about quail meat it often involves complex recipes, but a farmer's shift to faster food could change that.

Inner-city 'narrow-mindedness': Council's meat-free Mondays stir up industry anger The meat industry says a Melbourne council's decision to take meat off its menu on Mondays could damage regional economies for little environmental gain.

Would you buy meat on Instagram? Indonesian 'mumpreneurs' are cashing-in on an appetite for purchasing cheap beef online, threatening Australia's live cattle trade. ,EconomicsandFinance

He may be 90, but Ross Miller is still hooked on commercial fishing and boatbuilding Ross Miller has no intention of putting the rod into the rack. Instead, he is building another prawn trawler as a legacy to his son. ,Aquaculture

73yo GP shuns retirement to help struggling regional town At 73 years of age, Dr Graham Fleming could be enjoying a quiet retirement. Instead, the GP is gearing up for a new challenge β€” giving a struggling regional town its first resident doctor in nearly 18 months.

From widow to diamond dealer, a tale of perseverance in remote Australia Survivor is a word thrown around fairly lightly, but in the case of German migrant Frauke Bolton-Boshammer, you can't help but feel she's earned the title 10 times over. (Rural)

Drought is driving more farmers to drink, but Shanna Whan is making a difference The founder of an online discussion supporting hundreds trying to go dry believes drought, financial hardship, uncertainty, and isolation are causing more rural people to self-medicate with alcohol. 'sHealth

Canegrowers want tough reef protection laws put on hold Canegrowers argue more research should be done into the impact of farm run-off on the Great Barrier Reef, before the Queensland Parliament votes on extending reef regulations.

How an ancient trade is helping one of SA's oldest farming families survive the big dry Holowiliena Station is in the grip of a horror drought, but reviving an ancient trade is proving a lifeline to this farming family.

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