hello, I'm Laura and I'm looking for a way to run away from the Zuckerverse (Facebook, ig etc.). Hope we can be friends on here. Leftie, lgbtq+, satanist, gamer and weaboo trash. I've got the whole package. Nice to meet you all~

Welcome to the fediverse!! So glad to see another lgbtq+ satanist escape the grasp of zuckerverse :imp_heart_eyes_gasp:

¿También sabes español? Se agradece la respuesta en mi idioma :0080:

Welcome to the ActivityPub fediverse! Mastodon is having some issues right now, like it kinda does every 2-3 months.

It's all about the guy who makes all the project decisions, and his continued tendency to make bad decisions. He has such weird ideas.

@thraeryn Honestly I don't mind, I like experimental ideas and by tinkering a lot one eventually gets somewhere interesting :'D

@auramun Welcome!
Remember to be kind and avoid sexism, racism, ableism and anything that has "ism" at the end.

Enjoy your stay ^_^

Thanks! Avoiding those is the first reason I'm on here :')

Satan is not seen as a deity to worship as much as it is an archetype of healthy egoism, anticonformism, refusal of hierarchy and seeking of knowledge around which to base one's philosophy and way of life

@auramun Thanks for taking your time to explain.

Here's maybe a good point to start your journey away from
surveillance capitalists:

@auramun I'm always glad to help!

Out of curiosity, why did you leave especially the "Zuckerverse" as you say, if i may ask?

I believe it is the worst when it comes to privacy issues; not that other services do not sell data the same way, but Facebook and Instagram are extremely pervasive, addictive, and like to tamper with their users' mental health...

@auramun Thats a very good reason, one i would love to see others start to get too.

I think the site has much information for the beginning.

Best is to figure out what you want to avoid and how to avoid it.
There's some solution for almost everything.

You sure can ask if you have questions.

Welcome to the fediverse.
If you want a more facebook-like look-and-feel, you can also try out diaspora (second largest open social media but unfortunately not compatible with mastodon, the largest one) or friendica (smaller, but compatible with both diaspora and mastodon, in fact, I'm writing from my friendica account right now).
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