It's cancer. It's a cancer. Slavery is a cancer. Racism is a cancer--and it's a "downward spiral" it just gets worse and worse until we change how we deal with it.

It doesn't go away overnight, and it doesn't go away at all if we don't make it. Make.


“They’ve come up with the AIDS vaccine”

Three songs here, rivers c; #rise and pickup Styx ... #revical


Donating #HARDSUN to Riverview; noting the theme here surrounding ...

#Clearwater Creadennsse; Piano Man there ... and Stairway to Heaven at St. Pete--if I was looking for the 'xitcy of the gatherings' #found

I will cross post this on @suzq for now -- just to ensure I don't forget what I'm doing here.

I am looking for a "Seminole" translator, I also find Miccosuki (perintent) to the search for the American Native meaning of "kee."

I find their "religion" and their whole to be a key, and when I saw and heard the word that means something like "big" or "water" depending on Tamiami and ... "what I hear..."

I think it means SOUL. Like "chi."




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