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Wow, I've been out for so long it gave me another tutorial...

Yeah, so hi.

That picture I posted back in June? I trashed it. Lost interest and confidence that it would look anything like I would hope to, after attempting to finish it today.

I'm going to try and pump out a line work today to at least breathe life back into this account. I'll try and pump something out either Tuesday or Sunday, IF I've got the time.

I'm still not sure what style I want to draw in, nor do I have a process to do it, which I why I'll stick to existing things so that I can at least figure this out.

Kinda like the Toucan I drew a little while ago.

Mmmkay, lets see if I can create some panda sea dildos.

PS: Hi sander

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Hi guys, I'm a hobby artist. What I draw from time to time may vary, but it usually amounts to something aquatic or Pokémon related. As that implies, I am a fan of both.

@snder can't seem to decide on a picture, can you? :p

Back from the dead once more to bring an okay collection of pixels I may legally call art.

the last time

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Yay, my network didn't keel over this time. That's always nice.

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I've noticed the cow once more and I just love that thing.

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Let's try this again.

And thus the series of sea pandas
come to an end. For now.

I figured I wanted to do wallpapers, so I'll a group of 2 for each thing I draw. Right now, its orcas.

Speaking of which, #2 so far:

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