Ever notice that your thoughts go in circles? Or seem to calcify? My opinions seem to not change a lot. Or alteast my resonses to old problems. I’m still learning tho.

Is Twitter inherently political? I mean does the plaform’s text style promote political thoughts? Or is it all cultural, algorythms, & who you follow and their RT/likes? Instagram is so different...

Meeting in a virtual online game for work, instead of Zoom, could be fun. But virtual weapons & giant Dinosaurs, etc... Hmm. Which one? Fortnight? Ark Survival Evolved? Gota have 2 way audio.

Thinking about live music pre . Went to a lot of shows the past 5 years. Realized life is short. Post-divorce rejuvination. One old skool band I laid down the big $ to see up close? @Slayer As good as ‘90s small show.

Who should I follow on Twitter? I need a Twitter reboot. Trying to stop from going nuclear and starting over. ✌️

How do we inspire kids to love playing an instrument?

There are so many distractions in our world. I’d love to hear your ideas. 🎷 🎶 🥁 🎸


How do we inspire kids to love playing an instrument?

There are so many distractions in our world. I’d love to hear your ideas. 🎷 🎶 🥁 🎸

More video tests. This time recording someone on zoom & myself with higher quality audio and video. Interesting compositing with a live video loop, etc.

I’ve owned this damn thing for more than 20 years. Never opened it. Now i’m about to. It’s not collectable or nothin’. But it still feels weird. All for art.

This view from Char-Grill #1 has changed. It is shocking yet I know we have to build up and not out. Hope you office drones dig the old school junk food. I do!

I REALLY miss seeing live music! How about you? I want to help ! Please help @nivassoc and provide funding for small independent venues so we can bring the music back to our communities.

I’m feeling pretty good. Yet this is a good idea. George’s music will always boost my spirits.
Repost from @georgeharrisonofficial@instagram.com using @RepostRegramApp@instagram.com - Behind That Locked Door @spotify@instagram.com Playlist: George Harrison songs to inspire positivity during these trying times.

Click link in bio to listen.

For some reason these little fuckers had a short in their windings. Totally random. Had a few pros look at the and we couldn’t figure out why the bass would work one day and not the next. Just replaced them with pickups @bolophonic@instagram.com@instagram.com gave me and now the bass plays great. Thanks!
@bolophonic@instagram.com@instagram.com made this bass for me. He’s one of my oldest & most cherished friends. This is a punk rock machin…

Finally convinced my quarantine pal to join me in my home office. She was afraid of this room for a long time. Hard to explain how important it is to have her around in these times. Love this pup.

SWIPE —> I’m here to remind you that you shouldn’t take anything to seriously...” Kazoo Bearing, 1992, 2 of 6 .
I made this. First listen in decades. Getting energized to make more audio art. Been a minute.

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