Maybe this will be able to finally drag me away from the ”Modern Warfare”? 🤔😄

"Globes and Astronaut Helmets Form Heads of Figurative Sculptures by Artist Yinka Shonibare CBE"

„Children’s Imaginations Materialize as Cartoon Chaos in Paintings by Artist Kayla Mahaffey“

Where Blue Birds Fly - Photographs by Homayra Adiba | Interview by Magali Duzant | LensCulture

Water cooled computer from a bourbon barrel and a whiskey reservoir.

I really hope that when Sony says that next-gen Playstation is going to sound amazing they don't mean fans in the cooling system.

Just updated my blog post on Apple killing Offline Web Apps with questions after they silently updated their blog post (thanks for the heads up @xerz).

I’m now confused and wondering if they thought this out at all.

I’ve also added a link to @soapdog’s blog post on the same subject.

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