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hey everybody, im an artist and graphic design student and i have been looking for some alternate platforms to join so i decided to try mastodon.

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jolkien rolkien rolkien tolkien really wrote TWO loving supportive fantasy gay couples without even knowing it huh

this is the baby boy. please protect him. i'll cry if you hurt him

i want to be very clear that i am in full support of mastodon aesthetic posting

god if we get aesthetic mastodons on here i'll be happy

My 2 Eevee's from Pokemon Let's Go Eevee. Via my prartner Eevee & Lilly my shiny Eevee, they're in love ๐Ÿ’–

#art #myart #eevee @ShinyEevee #lesbian #pokemon @pokemonletsgo

if you leave this site for like 6 hours when you return everything you see is just completely incomprehensible. like nothing from 6 hours ago is remotely related to whats going on now

Another Shay I forgot to upload before from my story, #EchoLake!

Sketches for #theadventurezone which yโ€™all should go listen to immediately

#masoart #imteachingmyselfhowtodraw

Constructive criticism appreciated bc Iโ€™m tryna get better!!

condensing art crossposts as much as i can, here's some dragons i've drawn bc i love drawing dragons... #mastoart #dragons

listen my art is fun and i enjoy doing it so...@sentiniel
my self insert is just my icon,, it was v hard to draw hehe

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