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i wrote this in my web design notes because my professor said html is like the skeleton and css dresses it up

Pokรฉmon owo version
Pokรฉmon uwu version

I have never seen such a lie as big as this one in my life

Background practice. I really gotta work on making environments and not just backdrops, that's an art goal for this year.

#aasimar #dndcharacter #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #amdrawing #mastoart #creativetoots

sometimes people talk about the movie nacho libre and i realize all over again that that wasnt just a weird dream i had as a kid

an ambulance went by and some coyotes started howling along w the siren it was a Moment

actually im just gonna stop for 2nite and watch it when i feel more prepared ig

ive made it to That Episode in critrole 2 and idk if i can do it guys. can i just skip to the next one idk if i can handle it

Just come across this genius comic: Jousselin's Imbattable, a comic hero who's power is to break panels!

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