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"I don't know much about Star wars"

-Darth Vader on Quey

I will be writing some random shit that doesn't make any sense 😅

And one of the reason I hate fediverse

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I meant to ask

default_pool_size = 20 and DB POOl are same or diffrent


Hey there

By default Pgbouncer stick to

max_client_conn = 100
default_pool_size = 20

But sidekiq has DB POOl of 25

so these are same or different

NoScript can protect me in a way no man ever will..ohshitnvm eh

is there an issue with your account multiple notification for same post🤔

@snder Reply, Yes i ask too many question

Now reply 😅

"I don't know much about Star wars"

-Darth Vader on Quey

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