Bathroom designs for a Resident Evil AU I frequently RP. I wanted something over the top, because the bathroom belongs to wesker :3c I'm painting the rest of the apartment too.

I used a random recipe generator and tried to guess what the food would look like... with mixed results.

#mastoart #art

i finally got around to making a ref for my fursona
im probs gonna write more about her on my dreamwidth later

oh god i can filter by keyword
why the fuck have i never used rss before this is great

alright so
rss feeds can take content from multiple websites
so i could just use them to get content from all my instances and dreamwidth
except i cant get shit from TWITTER because they just HAD to disable rss

what is a mob to a king

what is a king to a god

what is a god to a homestuck?

Damnit PF, you bit content creators in the ass. :/

Toot! v1.2 is finally out! This took far longer than I had planned, but it is out!

You can get it here if you do not already have it:


I guess-- could I be banned from an instance for having an alt on a Suspended instance?

I have this same issue with ... I worry if they find any of my NSFW stuff (all legal in my country, ofc!) that I might be banned? But cross-site/instance banning is SUPER not okay?

//shrugs idk man maybe I'm overthinkin it?

Old commission of a handsome blood elf! This commission was prrrooobably singlhandedly responsible to breaking me into the WoW art community. I owe it a lot!
#art #illustration #mastoart #artistsonmastodon #worldofwarcraft #wow #bloodelf #belf #MMORPG #gaming #commission

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