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@snder greeting all the new people is so pure, ty for being a GOOD MOD

meat levels are holding at 92%

(92%) ■■■■■■■■■□

hey r/introvert, i'm really sad. it's so hard to break out of my shell and i just come across as boring to all the extroverts (yuck). i just wish that i could show these people (lower IQ) my true self. i'm a passionate and loving guy and it hurts that they (despite being worse than me) will never know about it..

I'm seein a lot of people-- most of them look like they're from the -- liking and boosting my stuff. And ykw? I'm damn glad to see that.

BEING WHO YOU ARE IS OKAY! WRITE, DRAW, SHIP WHATEVER! So long as you aren't hurting IRL people, it doesn't matter!

Remember, you can't search by text on Mastodon, except in your own timeline. That's so harassers can't just find people to attack via a simple search.

Therefore it's important to use hashtags so people can find your stuff, assuming you want them to.

#Advice #HowMastodonWorks dude your music is the shit

This is my I guess.
I'm a questioning 16 year old living in Indonesia. I have some social anxiety problems, and this is the first time I'm posting to any social media, so expect me to accidentally come off as rude a buncha times.
I'm really into and , so, you know, you're probably gonna see some of that here occasionally. I'm also trying to learn programming.
Expect posts of me being confused as to how well-adapted humans act and trying to imitate them.

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