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Pixelfed is an image sharing platform, an ethical alternative to centralized platforms.

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@quey : we don't have :vim: emote, can we resolve this issue?

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2,000,291 accounts
+94 in the last hour
+2,535 in the last day
+17,059 in the last week

Let the freedom sparkle!

Friendly reminder, if you can and want to make contribution to quey.org costs, feel free to donate. Even if it's only the price of a beer/tea/coffee ;)


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the place i work is desperate to hire more software engineers. i figured i'd post it since the fedi is full of software folks. here's some job titles:
Senior Front End Developer
Senior C++ Engineer (Server-side)
Senior Node.js Developer
Senior Backend Web Developer
Senior Android Developer
QA Automation Engineer/SDET
Senior Embedded Linux Engineer
these positions are in boston, ma and not remote (sorry!)
i'd rather not tell my workplace to the world, so DM me for more info if you're interested in applying.

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RT @themikepan@twitter.com

"Why do I need a 4Ghz quadcore to run facebook?" This is why. A single word split up into 11 HTML DOM elements to avoid adblockers.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/themikepan/status/

Extended Shadowbringers Teaser Trailer [EN] Show more

I don't even have PayPal account with this email address :O

Domain behind the confirm button:

Meh :/

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Finally, I come with a solution for my missing dmenu on mac. Basically I just want to replace "C-a c" -> enter command. With peco it was simpler than I tough:


With this, I can simply press "C-a C-d" and it will open a new tmux pane and I can type in my desired command, select it (from a "dropdown") and press enter \o/ I love it

Utah Vital Statistics Act Amendment (HB 153) Show more

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Reason: I have three profiles because:
1. Personal
2. Company A
3. Company B (I work for them through Company A)

I want a simple switch between them, run them concurrent and I don't want three Firefox icon in my cmd+tab list / alt+tab list. All of them Firefox, how the hell should I know which one is which.

With Chrome it's simple. When one profile is in front I will that profile with app-switch and I will open links on with one. I want that in Firefox.

I tough, maybe it's time to switch back to Firefox after those long years. I don't have problems if AdBlockers are not permitted because I use none of them. BUT I have problem with the attitude. They should not ban a specific type of extensions. If they think it's not secure, make audits like Google Play or AppStore.

Failed :/ I have 3 profiles in Chrome and I need them. With Firefox it sucks. :(

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Whenever a web browser, operating system, or web site gains dominance among users, it stops being cool and starts becomes blatantly abusive.

This Chromium nonsense is just more of what we saw from Internet Explorer.

Every generation of geeks learns this anew, and acts all shocked. Learn some history, folks. Learn from those who came before.

Stop supporting only one platform. Variety is ESSENTIAL. Monocultures are death. #sysadmin

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The 2.7.0 #Mastodon update added a site directory feature. You can see it by adding "/explore" to your instance's address, for example:


It's opt-in, so it only lists people who have asked to be listed.

You can add yourself like this:

1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Edit Profile
3. Add hashtags to your profile bio, to let people know what kind of stuff you like to talk about
4. Tick the "List This Account on the directory" box
5. Click on "save changes"


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