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As I mentioned before, I decided to learn and practice this year... And now I can say, I really enjoy it and I'm happy about my choice. I re-read my day1-3 solutions, and I already see the difference and how much I improved. \o/ Happy Coding!

r/ffxiv - [fanart] FFXIV x D&D 5th Edition returns with all kinds of Shadowbringer goodness. I've done a lot of polishing since last time so come check it out!

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This year, I decided to lean more about , so I planned to do with Haskell... After the 3rd day, I really enjoy it.

Any Haskell expert (or more knowledge than my few-days-experience) are welcomed to give me advice on things I did but not really Haskell-like solution and there are a better way to do it or simply just looks bad how I wrote something and a different logic would be better.

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After I decided to make some serious step on this list, so far my progress on "in the queue" games:
[x] Rakuen
[x] Randal's Monday
[x] Ori and the Blind Forest (I'll definitely buy the second game when it's released)
[ ] Cross Code (I started, but not so deep yet)
[ ] Shadow Tactics (good progress)
[ ] Seasons after Fall (not started yet)
[ ] Dust, An Elysian Tail (around 70% maybe; but I touched it 1.5 yrs ago last time)
[ ] Creature in the Well (not started yet)
[ ] Moonlighter (not started yet)
[ ] Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight (not started yet)

Any other recommendations?

Others are already installed, but I'm not sure can start them soon: To the Moon, Finding Paradise, Transistor (around 50%), The Spiral Scouts, State of Mind and a lot of other games too...

Finally \o/ Now it's time to beat the final battle... again :/ Sad I can't walk around on the map to collect all the remaining parts after the final battle, so reload because the fight, collect everything and fight again XD

Finally I could make time for playing something from my "Ok, when I have time" list. Now it was "Ori and the Blind Forest"... It's just awesome. Easy to play, save everywhere with an immersive way and non-sophisticated control... and then BOOOM epic-hard without save options :O Story is good, I like it and I'll give it a :blobthumbsup:​ ;) Just arrived on fire-land, so not done yet, but close. ;)

It feels like a simplified and polished version of Hollow Knight so if you liked that, you will like this one as well. If you did not like it because it feels like an endless game without well-defined objectives, you will like Ori because it has, and the map is still free-to-ride.

And ofc, one of the main factor for me, the music is just AWESOME. Repeat, AWESOME.

"The redesigned @protonmail is now undergoing beta testing, and we also plan to put into beta testing before the end of the year as we gear up for the public launch of Version 4.0. We also expect to arrive later in 2020. Look out for more updates about this in the coming months! "

wooo ProtonCalendar is here soon... It is just so hard to wait... And ProtonDrive in 2020 \o/ weeeeee

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"If you don't talk to you kids about quantum computing...
someone else will."

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"I suffered so you should too", or: the Boomer Trolley Problem

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