What is the whole point of keybase? Just verification 🤔

@inditoot not just verification (but it is a key point in there), but it's much easier to connect with ppl, sometimes I just see someone on twitter and just start a chat with their twitter handler if they have a twitter proved account. Usually I use with twitter handler, but can work with others like reddit or github handler too. Or sharing file is such an easy thing with @keybase [1/2]

@inditoot [2/2]
For example if you have a verified mastodon handler I can easily share a file with you like:
cp myfiletoshare /keybase/private/yitsushi,inditoot@inditoot.com

[or I can do the same from Explorer/Finder/vim/whatever you use]

Chat works the same. I don't have to know what is your keybase username it's enough if I know one of your proved identities

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