@xabi If you ask it like 2yrs ago would say go with PHP,it has very big market-capacity. today I would say the same as @snder, pick one:
PHP,Ruby,Python. Go is also on a big rise now (at least I receive a few offer), but it's mostly HTML-less only API jobs. Maybe PHP is the easiest to get a job, with Ruby you can get a bit higher salary but harder to get a job, Python is maybe a bit more salary but a bit more harder. With Go it's the hardest I think but maybe you can get the highest pay. [cont]

@xabi You have basically three choices on web-dev:
- Frontend: HTML + CSS + JavaScript -> learn at least one JavaScipt lib (framework) like React, Vue, Angular, etc
- Backend: Chosen language (above). Here you will face HTML way less, most likely never, but that's not how the marker works
- FullStack: you know both Frontend and Backend


@xabi Both frontend and backend requires the "chosen language" but on backend it's more important to know the language well.

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