Finally I could make time for playing something from my "Ok, when I have time" list. Now it was "Ori and the Blind Forest"... It's just awesome. Easy to play, save everywhere with an immersive way and non-sophisticated control... and then BOOOM epic-hard without save options :O Story is good, I like it and I'll give it a :blobthumbsup:​ ;) Just arrived on fire-land, so not done yet, but close. ;)

It feels like a simplified and polished version of Hollow Knight so if you liked that, you will like this one as well. If you did not like it because it feels like an endless game without well-defined objectives, you will like Ori because it has, and the map is still free-to-ride.

And ofc, one of the main factor for me, the music is just AWESOME. Repeat, AWESOME.

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