For a long time I did not play , no real reasons, just left. Coming back, now for a few days or a week maybe. Playing my 2nd pvp match (it was an aram, i feel less compunction if I mess up other's game) and I got a nice S+ rating (wtf)

Ok, so got a chest, yey... And ofc I got a skin I already have :/ whatever

on my journey, I triumphed my first gold medal. It was an awesome (i hate) randomness... Basically I won a match if my Lucian attacked their Katarina (for stun and mana-rect), if not, my glorious opponent was the winner of a given fight. Anyway, I'm happy about it ;)

Note: Did not expect that launching the client after 2yrs of ignorance, I can enjoy something in there :rainbowthink:​ ( <<< and this is still my no1 fav emote XD)

After like 2 yrs, I went back to check what's new in LoL. Nothing serious, client still crashes if I try to Alt+Tab on loading screen. But they have TFT, yesterday and today I tried it and it's weird and good. I like it. For the first time it was like, ok not bad, interesting logic but meh. On my 11th match, I ended up with a group where it was really interesting and I really enjoyed every single turn.

(it's like 0.0001% change they are on Mastodon, but thank you Taskuhirvi and hodude, it's was fun)

New FC founded, ranked up... housing area extension is coming... Let's get some money, on the right way \o/

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