Google accused of sabotaging Firefox, again

Jonathan Nightingale, former General Manager and Vice President of the Firefox group at Mozilla, revealed all on Twitter over the weekend. He writes that Google was the company’s biggest partner during his eight years at Mozilla. “Our revenue share deal…


Yesterday, finally I could buy World of Final Fantasy when it was on sale (I really love how I can sell all the cards and save up for a game on Steam).

It's just hilarious. But this moment was... I had to stop and think more about it. a Semi-Lifetime pass.

I don't even have PayPal account with this email address :O

Domain behind the confirm button:

Meh :/

Finally, I come with a solution for my missing dmenu on mac. Basically I just want to replace "C-a c" -> enter command. With peco it was simpler than I tough:

With this, I can simply press "C-a C-d" and it will open a new tmux pane and I can type in my desired command, select it (from a "dropdown") and press enter \o/ I love it

One of my friends shared with me after a massive discussion and I just can't resist to share.

Such a good depiction of Noctis and all those random "new recipes"


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