Status on ... It was definitely a too big bite to pick . I know most of the puzzles I couldn't solve yet, are all problems I could solve with Python, Go, Ruby or PHP, but not with Haskell because of my knowledge. A lot of them was really challenging and I learned a lot while I wrote my solutions, but I can see clearly, I will not able to do all of them this year.

I'm already happy that I see how can i improve my previous days, so it's improvement over 24 days ;)

My progress

As I mentioned before, I decided to learn and practice this year... And now I can say, I really enjoy it and I'm happy about my choice. I re-read my day1-3 solutions, and I already see the difference and how much I improved. \o/ Happy Coding!

This year, I decided to lean more about , so I planned to do with Haskell... After the 3rd day, I really enjoy it.

Any Haskell expert (or more knowledge than my few-days-experience) are welcomed to give me advice on things I did but not really Haskell-like solution and there are a better way to do it or simply just looks bad how I wrote something and a different logic would be better.


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