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hupol, trans-life 

Responses in the field 'sex at birth' on new ID documents will be unchangeable

“It could become dangerous,” said Ivett, explaining why she doesn’t use public transport or go to the doctor’s anymore.

She didn’t get her gender legally recognized, so anytime that someone checks her ID, they will see that she was a man, and this scares her.


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hupol, trans-life, no gener no name change allowed anymore :(  

So if you met my previous posts about the paragraph 33 in Hungary (see: https://slippy.xyz/notes/85mhz05xxk ). Hungarian government did not respond any of the requests in the last 3 years and not after the bill was signed they started to send responses to each of them with a huge reject, because as it states (translation):
"your gender and in this context your name change request .....(law references)..... was rejected because this information can not be changed. Law in force from 2020. May 29, every procedure started and in progress, and re-applied requests have to be rejected."

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Registration closed on Slippy

I try to prevent to be (this instance) any kind of source for the so called "Pridefall". Sorry if you want to join, but it's much easier that way. I don't want let them register a bunch of accounts and spam from here.

If you really want to join this instance, DM me (from other mastodon/pleroma/misskey instances) or write me an email and I'll generate an invitation code for you.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

#announcement #protection

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Riot Games is celebrating the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOTB) on May 17 for the third year in a row.

They’ll be available to purchase until the end of June. Each icon and the bundle costs one symbolic blue essence.


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hupol, trans rights :heart_trans: :boost_ok: 

Ader Janes signed the bill, now it's official in Hungary. Your determined gender at the moment you were born will be visible on all documents (ID Card, Driver License, Passport and who knows where else).

Hungarian civil organizations are attacking it still with a lot of help from other countries to force the government to revert it. Thanks all of you, not just who actively fighting, but all who helps them, all who just spread and share the issue, and all everyone who posts guides about "where can you move" for different countries to help people choose destination country based on their needs, opportunities and financial background.

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I always forget Mastodon does not support Quote-Renote :( Comparison how it looks like in #Misskey and #Mastodon. The difference is huge.

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I found something. Something that I don’t even remember I wrote, but I did. I’m 100% sure, because of the content. This post is more about to publish that little story. Without any changes (fixes or anything) you can read below.


#blog #story #trans #life

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hupol, anti-trans passed 

So all the modification suggestions were rejected by the 2/3 of seats of the pro-government and the base bill (without modifiers) was accepted by the 2/3 of the seats of the pro-government... From now, all Hungarian ppl will an extra field on their IDs (driver license, Personal ID Card, Passport) that says "Birth of sex: XXX" even if they live like, look like as the opposite gender and even if they have a name with the opposite gender.

So as a summary: You born as John and later you start a mtf transition. You get a name like Elizabeth and try to live your life as a girl and... well no one will give a shit you are a boy anyway.. oh yeah we know you are a girl, but you are a boy still. Like a Policeman stops you for a moment and if that policeman is transphobe, well... you know... it's not good. Or you want to travel to a country and on the border they see you as you are and they check your passport and you may not get through that border.

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I'm scared... I'm definitely not feeling calm and comfort about it.

Zoom Acquires Keybase and Announces Goal of Developing the Most Broadly Used Enterprise End-to-End Encryption Offering

Zoom side:

Keybase side:

#zoom #keybase

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I knew I forgot something 😕 The LudoNarraCon started on 24th, so I can follow the schedul only for 1.5 days only from now 😞

If anyone is interested in it, right now "Narrative Design: The Secret Sauce of Game Storytelling" panel is on air.



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I tried to find any good alternatives that can be self-hosted to DockerHub. 😞

I want to host an application where I can add users and users can push images in their own registry namespaces and make them public or private, if it's public anyone can pull but only owner can push images there. Does anyone know something for this? I tried it find one, but I failed. I have Gitea + Drone already, so I don't want a full-service solution like GitLab. I don't care about authentication method or integration with other tools, I can live with that if I (and others) have to use a different user/pass for git and docker registry.

Feel free to
:boost_ok: if you think someone else may know a good solution for that.

@snder hmm we have to be at home all the time so... i'll skip the go home part and celebrate weekend XD (right after resolved a production incident)

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John Conway & Richard Guy 

It's still hard to process that John Conway passed away. I know he was not young at all (82), but he was such a big mathematician, we can thank a lot based on his works and until now I could say he is a living legend. And now he is "only" a legend. Richard Guy was not a big surprise, he was 103 yrs old, but still shocking.

The Book of Numbers is still one of my favorite math books. The book has two authors, John Conway and Richard Guy, both of them are dead now, we lost them in the same year.

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covid-19 and Chile, wtf? 

"We have 898 patients who are no longer contagious, who are not a source of contagion for others and we include them as recovered. These are the people who have completed 14 days of diagnosis or who unfortunately have passed away," Mañalich announced at a press conference.


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Best advice for this pandemic-age 

Jockstrap mask tutorial.
Because, why not!


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