@mint I have like 7 redefined plate so I can pick up one of them until I come up with a better for the job.

@mint It is good. Personally I don't like it because it feels much more more monotonous compared to SCH (what I play usually), but definitely better than before with all the new ogc options, which are weird too because there is a very little tool-set to weave them in somewhere.

@snder But I think, Security should be part of our education system, even more than basic programming. Security and Privacy is something we should teach our kids and not just mentioning it, but actually teach it deep and intensive (not just 2 weeks with 2 class/week). When they reach the age to have their own Facebook account, actively participate in comment wars under YouTube videos (because they will), they have to know already most of the common threats they have to deal with.

@snder With very basic concepts in a relative easily learnable language like Python.

Topics to cover: Basic Data Types, List Comprehension, Loops, Recursion basics (aka Fibonacci or maybe a few more example just mentioned).

Extra can be interesting for students: Let's see how can it solve math problems, pick up the math exercise book and pick random 4-5 examples and write a program that can solve those problems, so they can see if they learn this thing they can simplify their problems ;)

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I don't care if someone uses my art for their user icon, as long as they don't post anything regrettably asinine while using it. Of course this should not be a problem because all the people who like my art must surely be sharp of mind, paragons of refined and esteemed character, and connoisseurs of good taste.

@dansup I understand the concept here, but for the first time I saw this (and the button later) I though it's a badly designed On/Off switch.

Random thoughts: Maybe try to rotate Clockwise 90 deg.... and it will forma C in a shape of a circle?

Anyway ;) Good job 👍

wow... on Jul 15 2019, I ordered a few stickers from RedBubble and they resent it and none of them arrived... until today... Today I got this mail with all the stickers.

@armitage @mdszy True, my bad. I think that was one of my ideas first and later on I was not able to do that so always hit the follow + add to list. Thanks for the correction.

I hope one day vanilla mastodon will support the 4 columns view. On my monitor it has definitely space for one more column without scrolling.

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quey.org is made for spreading and connecting people through love and knowledge not through hate. We don't want that. Period.

@mdszy and there are lists where I have ppl I don't follow because that would make the Home screen even messier because of their frequent posting habits, but they have some good posts...

@mdszy I do, but not so often... like weekly i check them because I don't want to miss posts from given ppl but on Home it's easy to miss

@mint do not stay afk in Limsa for the night XD

@snder you mean "spam account" and not all spam and all accounts :P

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It's cool to see quey in the top 10 most active servers again! ❤️:quey:

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I found out Paint3D exists for free on my computer and i made

a friend
with a moustache sticker

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A couple hours ago, I hit the button and launched #MyTransHealth V2. mytranshealth.com/

This site is a long-time labor of love for us. I hope to keep improving it for years to come. All my thanks to everyone who has been part of the project the past 5+ years.

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